Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking of You!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but its official, I'm shattered! (This post has been laying around for a few days now...) I am getting up at 6.00am near every morning to then leave the house for 7.15am to arrive at Uni for 9am! It's a big hectic, especially with the summer I've had in which I tended to try and steer clear of any routine. Which of course is now coming back to bite me in the behind.

Buttt, apart from this I have had little time to go out and see some friends which has been most fun. Little pleasures certainly are delicious at the minute (my brutal workload has already started!).

Sometime last week (I've also lost any awareness of time&day atm) I went through to the MetroCentre with my friend and we hit the brand new TKMaxx. It is LOVELY! I really like it, maybe because its new and shiny...but also because its tidy! That is one of my main gripes of shopping there is the fact its a bit like a jumble sale and hit-or-miss a lot of the time. Alas, the tidiness and order won me over!
I didn't buy any clothes or anything this time although I did stand and hold a Versace and Dolce&Gabana bag for a very long time...until I came across this!
You may ask what it is...well, it is a lovely writing set!
As much as I am consumed by technology (and continously baffled) I can pretty much say I would love to live without it! I love the idea of recieving a letter and being excited for it to arrive and the historical routine of replying and placing a stamp on it and sending it away!
This whole love probably fits in with the fact that I love the idea of courting...and where do I see courting the most?! Period dramas, thats where! I love it sooo, sooo much! I was completely born in the wrong era. Write me a letter and I'm yours for life, sad but true.

It came with two different designed cards! Which are so cute!
Two designs of postcards!
As well as two different designed envelopes!
I've taken a seperate photo of the crystallite envelopes as they are so lovely!
It came with all these lovely stickets.
It also came with these really cute stamps!

As well as ALL this there was also a cute little book which contains examples of how to write the perfect letter. 
 I'm so impressed with this and it came in at a mere £3.99! I have an elderly family friend who I feel will be the first person to recieve a card off me!

Quickly before I go to bed (yes, I am that tired...) here is two goodies I picked up from Primark for utterly cheap prices of course!
 Laptop bag £8.00
Bee Earrings £1.00
This little notebook isn't from Primark but Wilkinsons and was a mere 65p! It is so cute and has a whole range in this design. I feel I may be going back for another look soon!

Mega long blog post for which I apologise but I have been MIA for a while. I promise to try and fix this! xx


  1. the writing sets is so pretty! by the way just found out your blog and like it! so what do you think about following each other?

    hope we'll be friends :)

    Natalie's blog

  2. Ahh hello, yes it's lovely isn't it!
    Totally following you back, your blog is so cute! :D xx


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