Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking of You!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts but its official, I'm shattered! (This post has been laying around for a few days now...) I am getting up at 6.00am near every morning to then leave the house for 7.15am to arrive at Uni for 9am! It's a big hectic, especially with the summer I've had in which I tended to try and steer clear of any routine. Which of course is now coming back to bite me in the behind.

Buttt, apart from this I have had little time to go out and see some friends which has been most fun. Little pleasures certainly are delicious at the minute (my brutal workload has already started!).

Sometime last week (I've also lost any awareness of time&day atm) I went through to the MetroCentre with my friend and we hit the brand new TKMaxx. It is LOVELY! I really like it, maybe because its new and shiny...but also because its tidy! That is one of my main gripes of shopping there is the fact its a bit like a jumble sale and hit-or-miss a lot of the time. Alas, the tidiness and order won me over!
I didn't buy any clothes or anything this time although I did stand and hold a Versace and Dolce&Gabana bag for a very long time...until I came across this!
You may ask what it is...well, it is a lovely writing set!
As much as I am consumed by technology (and continously baffled) I can pretty much say I would love to live without it! I love the idea of recieving a letter and being excited for it to arrive and the historical routine of replying and placing a stamp on it and sending it away!
This whole love probably fits in with the fact that I love the idea of courting...and where do I see courting the most?! Period dramas, thats where! I love it sooo, sooo much! I was completely born in the wrong era. Write me a letter and I'm yours for life, sad but true.

It came with two different designed cards! Which are so cute!
Two designs of postcards!
As well as two different designed envelopes!
I've taken a seperate photo of the crystallite envelopes as they are so lovely!
It came with all these lovely stickets.
It also came with these really cute stamps!

As well as ALL this there was also a cute little book which contains examples of how to write the perfect letter. 
 I'm so impressed with this and it came in at a mere £3.99! I have an elderly family friend who I feel will be the first person to recieve a card off me!

Quickly before I go to bed (yes, I am that tired...) here is two goodies I picked up from Primark for utterly cheap prices of course!
 Laptop bag £8.00
Bee Earrings £1.00
This little notebook isn't from Primark but Wilkinsons and was a mere 65p! It is so cute and has a whole range in this design. I feel I may be going back for another look soon!

Mega long blog post for which I apologise but I have been MIA for a while. I promise to try and fix this! xx

Saturday, September 25, 2010

"How your body still remembers things you told it to forget.

How those furious affections followed you."

This is just a quick outfit post before I speed out. It's quite a simple, and some may say boring, outfit. But again, its so comfortable that I don't mind! I like going out and being immensely comfortable whereas some of my other clothes I will go out pulling the arms down and such, just generally fussing over what I'm wearing. With this I don't have to! I feel that sometimes my dress sense is sometimes a little introvert and I aim to change it this year.

(I'm unaware of what my collarbone is doing in the middle photo, best keep small children away from this photo as its freaky&could result in tears before bed.)
Top, Topshop
Skirt, New Look
Hair piece which I loveeee is a Necklace from Hexham.

Quickly just wanted to show you this scarf I found in my room!
I have posted about Billie Piper before and how much I love her and especially her huuuge scarfs! Well look what I got! (I also found loads more but this one fitted in for today :))
Scarf, 'the craze', which I think is closed now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Silk, Lace & Leather.

This was taken after a full day at Uni this week. As you can see I was knackered, still am, and I had just had to walk two miles in the pouring down rain so my hair hated me. Needless to say I came in and had a nice hot bath! However, I did like this outfit. (Would have liked it more had the rain not have came)
 Faux-Leather skirt, H! by Henry Holland.
Lace top, New Look.
Front Tie Silk shirt, Topshop (thrifted)

I just hope the bags, or rather complete luggage set that is harbouring under my eyes buggers off soon. This look is not a good one for me!

Let Me See Your Jazz Hands.

I love it when you come across pure bargains! Like little knick knacks for under a pound!
Little lovely things you know you'll use and if you don't it won't matter as much.
Well lately I've been finding some gems when out&about; either charity shops and high street.
Enjoy :)
I got the apple-like box&the white spot blue box from a charity shop for the grand total of £1.40, which is amazing! 
Giraffe pen, WHSmith, I love Giraffes&writing so this is a win! Plus it was only 75p!
Miffy coin purse, (this tiny little shop in Newcastle near the Vintage shops) £1. I tend to use tiny coin purses like this for carrying around hair clips&bands in my bag. I used to have one but it either dropped out or I left it in a toilet somewhere...great.
Peach flower hair clip, H&M, £1.50 for two.
Ivory Elepant, this is actually from my Mum and was originally from her Grandma Effy, so vintage and well I love elephants as much as Giraffes!
Love brooch, Dorothy Perkins, 75p
Gold&white kilt brooch, Primark, £1.00
Pink flower earrings&Pearl drop earrings both ASDA and both 50p. They are so cute as well!
In the blue square box I have currently stored pens&pencils in it as I haven't found a proper use for it yet...maybe cotton wool balls/pads.
And this gorgeous french, apple one has Fruitella in which at the moment I think is the best idea ever! :)

I love all of my purchases and like I said, they are always better when they are so cheap! Anyone else love bargains? xx

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look alive, Sunshine.

-My Chemical Romance.
(Actually obsessed with this clip! It's my ringtone and message tone....
and I'm buying gig tickets tomorrow!)

Lately it has to be said I am not looking alive. I am completely shattered as I have been up, ready&out of the house by 7.20am. Yesss, this may be normal for others but for me this is complete torture. I'm a 8 hour a night kinda girl and struggle with anything less. Add on to the crippling early starts many tedious hours of sitting in rush hour traffic as well as many other equally grim aspects to my life at the minute and you may see why I am completely exhausted...and it's only Wednesday. Boy, that’s depressing. 
Anyway, rant over! I promise... :)!
From all this there hasn't be a lot of time to get outfit posts in but I did get one in the Uni toilets today (yes I am classy like that).
Slouchy cropped jumper, George for ASDA
Black long sleeve top & ankle boots & belt, Primark
Short, Topshop (thrifted)
Scarf, TK Maxx
Slouchy, studded duffle bag, Matalan.

I found this outfit so comfy and well I am definitely going to be pairing the items off with others from my wardrobe! As well as this I took my super cute lunch bag with me today! I got it from Brighton, but I've been informed loads of other places have them, and I completely love it! Not only does it allow me to eat what I want but for a hell of a lot cheaper! I also have a red with white dots insulated one, which is also lovely :) but was from Corbridge I think.

Is anyone else at Uni or going back soon? And do you have to contend with EARLY mornings?
I hope not, I wouldn't wish it on anyoneee! lol xx

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have had this post saved since the opening of Zara online...bit delayed sorry! (Obviously updated)
From today I discovered my student loan had come in and that I am actually rich (well, kinda) so I decided to shop online!
I have completed in doing the rounds and have ended up on Zara and the many things I want. I cannot wait for the next sale as it is normally the case that all the extra-smalls up end up in it which is a complete win for meee!
(Yes, I know I have money but I have loads of other things I can&will spend my money on. I can wait until the sale...maybe)


Today was my first day at Uni. Needless to say it was exhausting!
Mostly because of the huge amount of information they told us plus the fact I had a brutal 6.30am start time! I have had a lazy summer without so much of a hint of getting up times. So this killed me.
So I'm gonna make this short!
I saw this in Marks&Spencers and I want it so badly! I just wish it was a little bigger so I could fit a file in, I may go back and check to see whether I can force it. Must haveee itttt!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake Wisdom.

I meant to include this in the last post with the cupcake part but I've decided to give it, its own post as I really enjoy it. As I was baking last night Radio 2 was on, it always is in the kitchen, and this comedy show came on. Normally I don't pay much attention but it really caught me and in particular one woman called Sarah Millican. I didn't enjoy her whol act "The 6 stages of Women" but one piece really caught me.

"The regeneration is a great age for women. 
When it happens you think nothing will be as good as Christopher Eccleston but then David Tennant saves the world by throwing a satsuma. Then you can't remember what all the fuss was about.
The new you is always the best you"

I guess it sprung out because of the obivous Doctor Who references as well as the fact that I am going into a new stage of my life and it genuinely made me feel less nervous about tomorrow because as she said, the new me will be the best me.

Have a good week :) xx

"Jilted lovers and broken hearts...

 You're flying away, while I'm stuck here on the ground"
-Brandon Flowers 

This blog post is to tie up all those loose ends which I have said I will do for months now! What I mean by this is the times I've said 'I'll take a photo later...' and then later never appears! The reason I've decided to do this today is because I start University tomorrow! Yes, I'm three years late but whatevs, better late than never. I am so nervous about it I honestly feel like I'm going back to secondary school, it's such a huge step but I'm sure it will be fine and I'm lucky enough to know some people before I've even started!

So lets start off with the thrifted ZARA jackets that I was bragging about yesterday. I pure love them, one in chocolate brown, one in black! They are classic shapes and are lovely on plusss they both have grey elbow patches! I have always had a thing for elbow patches and since they are apparently 'back in' (never out in my book) it will mean I will be able to get them so much easier. I really want a tweed jacket with some....but no monies is a sad state of affairs!
(Jackets, Zara-thrifted. Top, French Connection. Jeans, Primark.)
This photo shows the black blazer then the chocolate brown front&back. As most of you will know black items do not like to captured on film so I had to rely on the brown to carry it for me. The best part being the grand total of both of these jackets came to around £10! Yeah now that is a win situation.

As well as promising photos of my new jackets I said I would upload photos of the suede knee high boots and my new-ish ankle boots so here goes!
Both were complete bargains, which makes me happy. The suede knee highs were £5 as one foot is 'apparently' half a size different to the other. However, I don't know if this is true but who I am to complain about getting this beautiful Clarks boots for £5!
These ankle boots are currently my favourite footwear atm. They were from Primark and were stupidly cheap as well. I love the lace/crochet side panel and well they are just so comfy! The only problem is they don't have very good soles especially considering the weather we are meant to be having. Oh they joys of the UK! When its bad I will throw on my bearpaws or my grey boots which I got last Christmas which has amazing grips. (You can see them HERE!)

As I have posted before I do quite enjoy stationery and well I decided to buy a cheap mid-year diary in which I can scribble notes in. (You can see my collection of stationary for this year, HERE!) I own a pretty Paperchase filofax which I will still use but I do need to scribble notes in a seperate diary!
I was hitting the pound shop anyway to get some tennis balls for the pup and on my around I found ths beauty which will be perfect to scribble in!
 Even though it was a pound it may be one of the most comprehansive diary's I've ever had (well since my school planner which was an old friend) annnnd its not exactly ugly. It has so many sections which include: term timetable, world time, world currency, metric information, weights&measures, First Aid, travel information, blank travel timetable, computer terminology, birthdays&anniversaries, festivals&holidays, graph paper, addresses, accounts, account summaries and notes!
So many sections which is awesome! Maybe too many to use, who's to say.

I think this is all wrapped up now which makes me happy.
I'll just finish off with my own little personal achievement...
Last night I decided to make cupcakes, yes 11.00pm at night isn't the best idea but I did it anyway and wel my cupcakes turned out really well! They taste lovely and look alright. The mess in the kitchen was a pure sight but overall a success!
I'm immensely proud and as I sit here writing this I am eating one and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee. Good day! :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Loves xx

Saturday, September 18, 2010

'I could live a little better with the myths and the lies...

...When the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried.'
-Joy Division

Lately I have been looking for that perfect place to take photos, I don't think I have found it yet but alas the bathroom, suprisingly, seems to the best spot so far! Due to the fact I'm so tall it's hard to get a good in-focus photo as well as fitting in my whole body (well through timer anywhoo) I have been lucky on occasions but this is something I'm working on. I even paraded around the house today looking for the perfect room, trying every one! Oh yes, devotion.
So here is today's outfit.
Miss Selfridge Top, Vintage Brown Leather Belt,  Topshop Denim Shorts.
See! I even tried the kitchen, complete devotion, haha.

Today was a leisurely day in which my Mum and I went out to Durham for lunch & a look around. It was 'orite weather and I found some amazing thrifty bargains which I wil post up later :)
But lets just say I got two beautiful velvet (yes, I'm getting over my fear of it) jackets from ZARA with elbow patches in brown & black for under a tenner! Made my day!

Hello 1am!

I was going to post this tomorrow, well today, at a more appropriate time but due to the fact my tummy is so ill atm I thought I would do it now to save me from boredom and depression at this early time! Ho hum.
I have some exciting news, well for me anyhow, I have just had my hait cut! Well, about 8 hours ago but still! I find going to the hairdressers one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, odd I know. So many people go to the hairdressers as an escape, somewhere to relax and be gently pampered however I do not.
I go in, I sit down and then I am told "Curly hair? so trim is it?!" Oh wow, the joys of having curly hair!
My choices in life are long or short annnd wait for it, medium length! Possibilities are endless!
To counteract this when I was around 15/16 I started to straighten just my fringe as I wanted a slight contrast and well this just continued throughout the rest of my hair career (I'm only 21, but whatevs)!
This of course damaged my hair and the last time, bar one, I went to the hairdressers the woman shouted at me for having such 'fabUlous hair that you have ruined. Be happy with your mistake!'
Hmm, I bet you can guess I never went back to see her again!
 Fur edged gilet, Primark. Scarf, Topshop.
 Today though, oh yes my friends, is an epic day amongst others as my hairdressed did good!
She has curly hair so was completely sympathetic, she listened to me rant about the troubles of life and the curly hair dilemna and in return she cut and styled my hait! As well as including a mini fringe which looks FAB! Ahhhh, I still don't love the hairdressers and would probably still put it in the pile with the dentist but overall, I'm getting there! (I do hate my nose and I'm srsly considering surgery, now wheres my credit cardddd)
As well as this I got lumbered of dragging the pup out for his walk and well I found my La Redoute oversized jacket/coat! I have only worn it about twice but I love it so much as I can pretty much fit my whole body in it! Ahhh, good day for me! I promise to get a better photo in the morning of the coat!
Oh oh ohhh, just remembered I also dragged out my old-ish knee high suede boots and they are as cute as ever! Somehow are baggy around my calves now but still, loveee! Later on I will post a photo of them and my lush new ankle boots :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Before I found out it was freezing..

Today I went and met some friends for lunch which was completely lovely, so this is a little outfit post to show you what I was going to originally wear before I realised how frickin' chilly it was out!
One thing people need to know about me is that I get cold wayyy too easily, I am cold blooded and I need to wear a million layers even in the sun. It's so sad!
I bought this dress from Peacocks a good couple of weeks ago but due to the sizes being too big for me I had to take the size 8 in :( which took forever! as I didn't want to ruin the dress but I think it's worked out quite well :)

This dress is part of the Pearl Lowe collection and under further scrutiny it doesn't look half bad! I wouldn't have paid the original price of this dress which was £30 (i think? maybe forty, hmm) but I was quite hapy with paying £15, especially as I had to take it in as they don't do proper sizes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New York you've done us proud!

Yesterday was the day of the first ever plus-size model catwalk run!
It was a complete success and the women are beautiful! Their body shapes reminded me of people who I would walk past on the street and I like this!
Here is a video from the BBC Newsbeat team which includes an interview with one of the models who is lovely and so normal!

Organiser Nancy Le Winter commented fashion was not just for the skinny and anyone should be able to wear stylish designs. She said: "It's simply about time that fashion speaks to all women. It is the first time that women can look around and say, 'I can wear that!' "

 As much as I'm going to come accross as Devil's advocate I still feel that they needed a NEW catwalk for this is a bit on the wrong side, it should just be included. On top of this I feel that there is still a market that is not being shown a fair advantage and this is the sizes in between 6 and 16! I know this is a fabulous and all the rest but I wish they would just get everyone on the catwalk from a size 6-16, no exceptions! I found out about this on the radio as I was going food shopping and also heard London should be showing a whole range of sizes which will be more than interesting to see!