Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Jilted lovers and broken hearts...

 You're flying away, while I'm stuck here on the ground"
-Brandon Flowers 

This blog post is to tie up all those loose ends which I have said I will do for months now! What I mean by this is the times I've said 'I'll take a photo later...' and then later never appears! The reason I've decided to do this today is because I start University tomorrow! Yes, I'm three years late but whatevs, better late than never. I am so nervous about it I honestly feel like I'm going back to secondary school, it's such a huge step but I'm sure it will be fine and I'm lucky enough to know some people before I've even started!

So lets start off with the thrifted ZARA jackets that I was bragging about yesterday. I pure love them, one in chocolate brown, one in black! They are classic shapes and are lovely on plusss they both have grey elbow patches! I have always had a thing for elbow patches and since they are apparently 'back in' (never out in my book) it will mean I will be able to get them so much easier. I really want a tweed jacket with some....but no monies is a sad state of affairs!
(Jackets, Zara-thrifted. Top, French Connection. Jeans, Primark.)
This photo shows the black blazer then the chocolate brown front&back. As most of you will know black items do not like to captured on film so I had to rely on the brown to carry it for me. The best part being the grand total of both of these jackets came to around £10! Yeah now that is a win situation.

As well as promising photos of my new jackets I said I would upload photos of the suede knee high boots and my new-ish ankle boots so here goes!
Both were complete bargains, which makes me happy. The suede knee highs were £5 as one foot is 'apparently' half a size different to the other. However, I don't know if this is true but who I am to complain about getting this beautiful Clarks boots for £5!
These ankle boots are currently my favourite footwear atm. They were from Primark and were stupidly cheap as well. I love the lace/crochet side panel and well they are just so comfy! The only problem is they don't have very good soles especially considering the weather we are meant to be having. Oh they joys of the UK! When its bad I will throw on my bearpaws or my grey boots which I got last Christmas which has amazing grips. (You can see them HERE!)

As I have posted before I do quite enjoy stationery and well I decided to buy a cheap mid-year diary in which I can scribble notes in. (You can see my collection of stationary for this year, HERE!) I own a pretty Paperchase filofax which I will still use but I do need to scribble notes in a seperate diary!
I was hitting the pound shop anyway to get some tennis balls for the pup and on my around I found ths beauty which will be perfect to scribble in!
 Even though it was a pound it may be one of the most comprehansive diary's I've ever had (well since my school planner which was an old friend) annnnd its not exactly ugly. It has so many sections which include: term timetable, world time, world currency, metric information, weights&measures, First Aid, travel information, blank travel timetable, computer terminology, birthdays&anniversaries, festivals&holidays, graph paper, addresses, accounts, account summaries and notes!
So many sections which is awesome! Maybe too many to use, who's to say.

I think this is all wrapped up now which makes me happy.
I'll just finish off with my own little personal achievement...
Last night I decided to make cupcakes, yes 11.00pm at night isn't the best idea but I did it anyway and wel my cupcakes turned out really well! They taste lovely and look alright. The mess in the kitchen was a pure sight but overall a success!
I'm immensely proud and as I sit here writing this I am eating one and enjoying a freshly brewed coffee. Good day! :)

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

Loves xx


  1. love the clothes! thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog!

  2. I love your jacket, I have been looking for something exactly like this and now I need to head to Zara.

    I found your blog via a forum on IFB. Would love for us to stay in touch. How do you feel about following and/ or doing a link exchange with my blog? I'd love to return the favor.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  3. No worries Justine :)

    Yeah Trishna the blazers in Zara are lush! I know there was a tweed one which I fell in love with, you should go have a look. Of course I wil check out your blog, no worries at all :)



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