Thursday, September 09, 2010

VIP Shopping Begins Today!

As many people will know H&M are opening their online store on the 16th September but I have just recieved an email containing a VIP invitation to shop online TODAY!(Yes, this offer is to anyone who had set up a newsletter account with them, but don't take it away from me...)

The website looks like it is lacking some items that the shops may hold but I'm sure this will be altered soon! I have always found with H&M that they are a shop that caters for all budgets and its a shop that nearly everyone I know shops in! I would include all the items I like from there but I feel it would take too long and contain wayyyy too much images! So, here is a coat, dress, skirt, trousers, top and jacket :) Hitting all targets!
 Grey Winter Coat with Black Rosette Belt. (Also available in all black) £34.99
Double breasted dress. £29.99. (I actually have a pretty similar dress from Mango) 
Flared skirt, £12.99. (Also available in black&beige)
Blue checked shirt, £14.99

Trousers, £24.99
Grey Marl elaborated shoulder jacket, £19.95 (Also available in black!)


  1. OOOH! I really like the beigey brown jacket! And its sleeveless! WOW!

  2. so excited to check it all out! i got one of those VIP shopping thingys too!


  3. Yeah its so lovely! I have a similar one from Mango which is a bit lighter! I will try get a photo but I think it may be one of those colours which washes out in photos! :\

    Yeahhh, I was proper excited to get an invite but then was a little disappointed with the site as the store does have more in, but I'm hoping this will be resolved soon! xx


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