Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wedding Wonders!

Today is the wedding of one of my friends and I'm so glad the weather is nice for her!
I've decided to spilt it up into two posts: my gift and an outfit post (maybe with some evening photos thrown in!)
I'm going to start with the wedding gift post!
It's always so hard to buy wedding gifts, mostly because they are always so generic and well rather boring! So I decided to take the said items and spice it up a bit! Their honeymoon sounds awesome, they are driving up to a log cabin in Scotland which has a hot tub and sauna. Oh yes please!
From this I decided to make a mini hamper which they could take with them to take some of the load off!
Here is the box which I bought for all the goodies to go in!
I bought some beautiful wine glasses ofc!
 I bought some candles and some lovely glass candle holders for when they are in the hot tub! Pffft!
Jealous, moi?!...Maybe.
I decided to buy 'His' & 'Hers' towels. (There is actually a face cloth and small towel each)
I included some Chocolate truffles which I really wanted to eat, humph. Someone buy me some!

 I saw some 'Bride' & 'Groom' mugs on my travels and decided to pick them up, however I wanted to include some tea, as I know Wendy likes it, but didn't want to just include a box of tea bags or even leaves with a strainer, as well it will be used once then never again. From this train of thought I decided to buy some tea bags, different flavours, and add my own thread and message on the end.
I also did the same for Earl Grey tea but for some reason they wouldn't photograph well! Maybe because the colour of the paper was so pale!
I then wrapped up the tea bags in tissue paper and placed into the mugs!
To finish it all off I decided to add brown luggage tags to everything as I thought it could carry on my homemade-ness angle! So I labelled everything! Got slightly tag-happy but I like it!
This is everything in the box (Bar the mugs & tags, as they were a late addition and well I haven't had time to photograph it will them all in!)

Lastly, the card! I love Edward Monkton and these dinosaurs are actually my favourite piece by him anyway! So it totally fits in with me and this! I actually bought this card in Edinburgh so its slightly exotic, lol.

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