Sunday, September 12, 2010

Inspiration- Billie Piper!

I often see people talking about their own personal role models and how they have inspired them in life and fashion. As much as I would love to say 'so-and-so' is my idol, I cannot. I do not have an inspiration, I can look at people and pick and certain aspects which I like but I have yet to meet or see anyone who I can look at and aspire to be completely!
However, I do love a bit of Billie Piper and I feel she may be one of the people who could maybe be in my inspiration list, as you can see it is lacking immensely, as she is pretty and dresses down wonderfully!I love her in Doctor Who & as Belle du Jour! Boyyy, is that programme hot!

I know she is a Mum of a young child so needs to dress down to cater to those needs but I think she dresses down marvellously. In lovely baggy jumpers&cardigans, massive scarfs (I LOVE scarfs) as well as tailored jackets and coats when needed. She also has awesome glasses an the round ones (bottom left photo) is the glasses I originally wanted until I realised no-one can pull off the Harry Potter look bar him, ho-hum.
I actually really appreciate her style!
I think I'm going to disect her Belle du Jour look another day, as well it's sexy and need a WHOLE post. Lingerie post me thinks!
 (Ruched Sleeve Blazer, Topshop. Print Cardy, Wal G. D-Frame glasses, Olivers Peoples. Jersey Snood, Topshop. Bootcut Jeans, OASIS. Wool Cardigan, Sandro. Printed specs, ASOS. Grey Snood, Re-Luxe.
Floor length Cashmere&Wool black coat, Halston. Double breasted wool coat, Browns Fashion. Round framed specs, LEN. Black knitted dress, Warehouse. Leopard print scarf, Hobbs.)

This is one style I would follow and try to emulate. Wow, I've finally found an inspiration!


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