Tuesday, September 14, 2010


With such an iconic Vivienne Westwood boot is it okay to buy a reasonable copy?
I will never be able to afford the original and would be completely paranoid about wearing them out if I did, because of dirt and the like, that I don't know whether I would pay that much.
Have a look at these copies and let me know. I know they are iconic and I love them and want them. Someone buy me the real ones :)

I understand the Peacock ones aren't near as nice but are reasonable at £25! (p.s- they look better in person!)

I'm in loveee, with Hana! She lives over at .glitterspitt. blogspot or .glitterspitt. tumblr (as shes newly addicted to it as well :P) and she's just shown me these beauties! SOOO much better than Peacocks!
I know where I'm going when I get my loan! The all black ones, I hear you cry? Oh yesss! xx


  1. Sophie, there's an ever closer pair to them in Garage Shoes, I dunno if they'll still be in stock but you can check their website :) they're £25 as well xxx

  2. http://www.garageshoes.co.uk/women/Moderation--19249997410?SelectedProduct=19249997484

    there you go :)

  3. OH MYYY, need themmm!
    Thank you!
    Theres a garage in metro and town isn't there? xx

  4. hmmm i wouldn't be able to buy the real ones either. i would just go with something similar and that you love. there is nothing wrong with that.

  5. Aye Sophie there is :) 'citing! xxx


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