Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cupcake Wisdom.

I meant to include this in the last post with the cupcake part but I've decided to give it, its own post as I really enjoy it. As I was baking last night Radio 2 was on, it always is in the kitchen, and this comedy show came on. Normally I don't pay much attention but it really caught me and in particular one woman called Sarah Millican. I didn't enjoy her whol act "The 6 stages of Women" but one piece really caught me.

"The regeneration is a great age for women. 
When it happens you think nothing will be as good as Christopher Eccleston but then David Tennant saves the world by throwing a satsuma. Then you can't remember what all the fuss was about.
The new you is always the best you"

I guess it sprung out because of the obivous Doctor Who references as well as the fact that I am going into a new stage of my life and it genuinely made me feel less nervous about tomorrow because as she said, the new me will be the best me.

Have a good week :) xx


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  2. Ahhh thanks
    and yes I'm interested in your Fendi giveaway! lol.

    I love your blog btw :) xx

  3. I love Sarah Millican! She's very funny. Some friends have told her that I remind them of her, which is really good except she is a self-proclaimed fatty, which makes me feel a bit grim. xxxx

  4. She was rather funny!
    Well if they remind them of someone funny then scooooore! You're not a fatty at all my lovely!
    I haven't seen her in person so I cannot comment on that front! x


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