Saturday, September 18, 2010

'I could live a little better with the myths and the lies...

...When the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried.'
-Joy Division

Lately I have been looking for that perfect place to take photos, I don't think I have found it yet but alas the bathroom, suprisingly, seems to the best spot so far! Due to the fact I'm so tall it's hard to get a good in-focus photo as well as fitting in my whole body (well through timer anywhoo) I have been lucky on occasions but this is something I'm working on. I even paraded around the house today looking for the perfect room, trying every one! Oh yes, devotion.
So here is today's outfit.
Miss Selfridge Top, Vintage Brown Leather Belt,  Topshop Denim Shorts.
See! I even tried the kitchen, complete devotion, haha.

Today was a leisurely day in which my Mum and I went out to Durham for lunch & a look around. It was 'orite weather and I found some amazing thrifty bargains which I wil post up later :)
But lets just say I got two beautiful velvet (yes, I'm getting over my fear of it) jackets from ZARA with elbow patches in brown & black for under a tenner! Made my day!


  1. Zara jackets for under a tenner! Uhhh...MEGA jealous!

  2. Oh yes, you will be mega jealous! :) haha.

    And thank youuu, i love it because it's so baggy that it is just so lovely and comfortable to wear! xx

  3. I LOVE that top! It looks so cute and super comfy. :)

    And I know exactly how you feel! I'm still trying to find the perfect picture taking spot as well, haha.

  4. I really adore your top, it's beautiful.


  5. Thanks for sharing your blog with me on IFB, it's really nice...and you have such a cute style btw!

  6. Beautiful shirt!! I can't wait to explore it more.

  7. Everyone is loving this top, totally going to wear it more!
    Thank you all for the lovely comments :) xx


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