Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shoes for Tomorrow.

I've seen many photos and heard a lot of things about the new movement following TOMs shoes and I just thought 'yeah they're the new thing' no thought went in to it really. But after reading in the December issue of Marie Claire I've discovered they do a lot more than provid footwear for us!
It all started with Blake Mycoskie who was a young businessman who saw poverty and decided to change it. This is when Shoes for Tomorrow came in and basically for every pair of TOMs sold he will donate another pair ro a child who needs shoes! I love this idea! It's so lovely, I don't normally buy into movements of this sort but I think I really could as its just such a good cause!
Heres just some celebs who have got their hands on some! (Zac Efron, Liv Tyler&Keira Knightley)

(All images from the Toms website)
They have a huuuuuge range of designs and colours and when its this good a cause how can you say no?!

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog...

Halloween was amazing and I completely loved it! For once there was only maybe one, possibly two, who were not dressed up which is pretty epic! Even though 98% of girls were nurses covered in blood and nearly all boys were just in blood stained white shirts! ahah. Bless. My friends and I were dressed up and of course we went all out! We had Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Death on Vacation (Oh yes, inventive) and of course me, I was a Lion Tamer/Ring Leader! I turned more into a ring leader as I didn't take my stuffed lion out as I knew I would either lose it or someone would steal it! I don't have many photos as I couldn't find my camera charger so that died :( I have a few though so enjoy!

 Lawson is a Ninja and Ben is a guy with a few bandages wrapped around. I think the idea was mummy but thats a kinda fail attempt :) lol.
Death on Vacation. Original like.
As I didn't have a lion with me I adapted and decided to include a chair within my costume. Needless to say I only adapted for one photo... My homemade jacket which startd out as a good idea and then took soooo long! Was so frustrating but it worked in the end, yeyy.
Ahhhh loved it :) Things came together as well! xx

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Set the ferris wheel ablaze" - My Chemical Romance

Yes I am aware that its another My Chemical Romance title but its because I went and saw them in Edinburgh and well, they were EPIC. Not much else to be said apart from Edinburgh kids are brutal but the band are just as pretty, some prettier than others, and they seemed to have returned to a more gritty state in which I approve. They have changed somewhat as back in my day (yes I'm 90) Frank Iero was the second main man but now young Mikey is. Fair play Mikey, you are no longer the shy ridden boy hiding at the back of the stage behind his big glasses and even bigger hair.

As I was only going for a night I didn't want to take too many clothes as it would be too much to carry...I packed accordingly which is suprising and amusing when I saw how much Kelly had packed (Bless choo!) So here goes!
I decided to carry a simple LBD dress along as it goes with everything!
LBD, H&M,. Brown Top, Topshop,. Belt, Primark,. Floral Top, French Connection
Had an amazing time and well I love Edinburgh! I ate too much and walked so much my feet still ache today! But I wouldn't change a thing.
We found this super cute museum which was about Scottish Literary Writers. It was a complete stumble-upon moment as we couldn't find it advertised anywhere and it was only because we saw words carved into the wall (below) and the floor which led up the little museum! It was soooo cute inside though and would say to go just to explore! (For people who want to need to go up the Mound and then you'll see a little cut to your right, go up there!)

The huge amount of food we had in one sitting but was gorgeous! I had the potato skins, cheese&bacon and Kelly had the Tomato&Mozzerella Salad. We both tried and failed to have these cheeseburgers and had to resort to taking the half-finished things with us!

And of course the band in question! I enjoyed, a lot. :) Now back to doing workkkk, humf.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

For or Against?

The term guyliner has suddenly leapt into the public forum and its a bit contraversial.
A bit like Marmite, you love it or hate it. It seems that it isn't confined to punk stars and the like anymore and its more of a universal ploy. I personally have a bit of a love for the guyliner and well, to be completely honest this post is to look at beautiful men and drool!

(L-R)Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) He doesn't do it for me but I know he floats others boats.
Brandon Flowers, always one to add a little drama. (I prefer him with a beard.)
Captain Jack. As much as I don't like his acting I do love a bit of him!

(L-R) Russell Brand. He doesn't do it for me but I hear that from this book it has done it for hundreds. Classy.
Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance)
No longer is he the shy brother of Gerard he is in his own right now. And a bit hot imho.
Now this bad boy (in extra large I know) is Gerard Way.
Phwoaaaaaar. End.

On an ending note and one of the all time forerunners for guyliner...
Dr. Frank 'n' Furter himself!
So what are people's opinions on guyliner? You for or against? xx

P.S, add a chest piece with guyliner and my god I will love you for life. Maybe a chest piece post to come!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little guess work!

Here's a little hint of what I'm going to be for Halloween!
Did you get it? Okay one last chance!

So as you've probably guessed by now I am going to be a lion tamer! Oh yes! Mightily excited. I am in the process of cobbling together my outfit as we speak. I am completely confused with my days at the moment and today does not feel like Saturday at all! So yes I am living the dream and staying in on a Saturday with some sewing and movies :)! xx

Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Whispers in the rain. Listen. Don't push love away, you know you do" - The Juliana Theory

Just a little mini OOTD before I go to bed with some reading I MUST do instead of saying I will do it later and later just never comes.

  Straw bag, found in the attic, yeyyy! Tan Jumper, Florence&Fred. Tweed Jacket, Vintage. Brooch&fur edged gloves, Primark.

Over the weekend my Mum has been on a mission to de-clutter, like it will ever happen, so boxes lay strewn across the floor so when I have had nothing else to I've sat down pouring through these boxes to reveal some utter treasures. Heres some of my favourite photos and a postcard which I just love.

These are photos of my Grandad&Grandma as well as my Mum as a child. They are both my complete heroes and I adore these photos. Blac&White photos definitely have something about them. xx

"And there we all were, as invisible as you could wish to see."

- C. S. Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the only set of books I have ever completed. It's not that I haven't wanted to with other sets but they don't hold the same allure that the Narnia books do.
The whole purpose of this post is to tell you all how excited I am that the new Narnia film will be out this Christmas! Ahh, too excited!

As I've mentioned before I am an old lady and I find the style of clothes from Narnia to be gorgeous. They are the sort of clothes I would love to wear every day...full of tweeds and florals and lovely, lovely knits! Ohhhh I wish I was back then.

(Button down fairisle knit, Blue Velvet Skirt & Long-Sleeve Tea Dress, all Cath Kidston. White Shirt, New Look. Short-Sleeve Tea Dress, KEW. Fairisle Knit, John Lewis. Fur Coat, Topshop)

There are a few things wrong with it (just the trailer, as I haven't seen the movie) ands that Susan and Peter being there! That's wrong and I hope it's just a flashback!
Whyyyyy hello there Prince Caspian! This is also another AMAZING reason to go see it. Yom.
 Can I have him for Christmas as well? xx

Friday, October 15, 2010

"I got wood legs and bow legs&no legs at all!" - Modest Mouse

I found this photo while I was trawling through one of my favourite sites for Vintage photos which is called My Vintage Vogue (Click here to go there!). 
It features photos from many different genres. This photo really stood out for me as I find it fascinating that this was from the 1920s and oh my would these has been Risque! Love the rebellion!
I have been looking at H! by Henry Holland for Pretty Polly tights lately and I feel this photo has inspired to just go for it!

All tights can be found at Pretty Polly Online or in Debenhams stores :) I also think River Island are selling them! xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hold your head high heavy heart. So take a chance and make it big, Cause it's the last you'll ever get. - The Academy Is...

Last photo post! Partly because I've stuck all three photos together and the other part being Alex calling me vain, thanks loveee! ahah, I'm not really though I promise. You should see me whan I wake up...wharra' state!

Multi-coloured hat, Matalan. This hat brought me&another together so it holds memories!
Panda hat, River Island. I bought this before the masses and I haven't worn it much since, lol. Plus I don't suit being a Panda...just not me.
Black felt cloche from a fayre in Rye :) Luuuuurve Rye! xx

"I hope you can save our wounded hearts and distance makes my heart grow colder" - Funeral for a Friend.

Yesterday I said I would post a photo of my beautiful new satchel and here it is! Ahhhhhh.

 In't it loverly?! It was a bargain as well for only £30 from Topman! Yes, TopMAN....I will be going back to have another look soon I believe. I definitely need big bags like as I carry soooo much. Too much probably.

When I hit the library I literally make a little fort around me with all the stuff I have been carrying. My chiropractic is on hold as I know I will do some damage sometime soon. xx

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'll hide these words, they're only yours to find - AFI

While shopping today I stumbled into Zara and my, oh my what lovely clothes are in at the minute. I am an old lady, behind the young 21-year-old facade, and I love everything which I shouldn't. Such as florals, tweeds and much, much more! However, I have accepted this..My Mother hasn't but that may be because even she isn't old enough to like half of the stuff I like!

Zara is amazing at doing things I like, especially at the minute, they have brought older styles and materials together with slightly modern designs. I approve, ohhh yes. All available instore or Zara Online!

I love all of these items and well they are all reasonably priced. The most expensive being the leather bag (top left) at £49.99 and the least expensive being the bird tee (bottom right) which is £14.99! The skirts are all £22.99! I may have to go back!

I did buy a gorgeous satchel today! I have been looking into getting one for a while, I didn't need one as I have a lovely red one, but still I was on the lookout and found a gorgeous one in Topman! I will upload a photo hopefully tomorrow :) xx

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey There! Happy National Wool Week!

Soooo, what is wool week you may be asking? Well, it's all down to our one&only HRH Charles, would you believe, and his need to encourage people to buy wool as it's on the downfall. This new campaign is supported by big-name stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis and M&S.

There is many different events due to take place this week including the famous Saville Row to be closed to allow Bowmoor&Exmoor Horn sheep to dawdle down! Prince Charles is all about the enviroment and the multi-purpose use of wool which can be used for fashion, industry&home. It's a pretty epic campaign because as he says it is sustainable and doesn't harm any sheep, it's a haircut! Wool is atural, sustainable and biodegradable, wool is also incredibly versatile. It is elastic, highly insulating, and water repellent, and can be strong and hard wearing as well as soft and delicate. It can be dyed and combined with other fibres to produce different effects – the possible end uses for wool seem endless! (You can find out more HERE!)

I'm in. I will buy more wool products. The more observant of you will have noticed a new section in the footer of my blog which is all for Handmade Good and how I pledge to buy handmade items for myself and others to help support others. Now I feel like I am truly part of two good causes, wood&handmade goods. From this I have picked out some lovely wooly goodies from etsy! Enjoy :)

(Click the name of the item to be taken to the etsy shop! Purple Bird Bowl. Peach Wool Vintage Bag. Wool Applique Cushion. Knitted Owls. Hand Knitted Cowl )

Trick or Treat on this All Hallows Eve.

Halloween is a stressful time these days! Before it wasn't that big in the UK and it's only in recent years that it has become as big as it has. I think I just like the idea of being 21 and the allowed act of dressing up! This year however has brought more pain than joy!
(L-R Grotsbag and Black Cat Tees, French Connection. Thigh High Leather Boots, Stella McCartney. Be Afraid Crop Tee, Topshop. Halloween Fun Bags, John Lewis. 'Boo' Tea light holder, John Lewis. Orange Nail Polish, O.P.I)

Some months ago I bought some costume patterns to start on my costume but of course time escaped me and I've only just realised it is a mere 3 weeks away. So making my own costume may be a little far fetched! Every girl wants that equal mixture of sexy and spooky. They want to stand out but for the right reasons..not for boobs out and covered in fake blood. Which lets be honest is a trending theme it seems. Deary me! I think I'm gonna be something boring like a cat! ahah, oh wow. Eccentric I know! xx

UPDATE: I actually have some photos of old costumes, halloweens, birthdays&other times, that I think I may upload some! Some people may cringe when they see them. But no skeletons in my closet! Beeee Affraiiiddd, ooooo :) lol.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Remember Me.

Everyone has that one band that no matter what age you are you revert back instantly to being a teen and bopping around to them. Well mine is My Chemical Romance. I even bought Kerrang the other day, which I haven't for so many years now, and it took me well back! I understand they aren't everyones choice. But listen to this at least! My tickets came through the post today to go see them in Edinburgh! Excited! Got the hotel booked, think we may either drive up or train it :) takes me back!

"Can I be the only hope for you, because you're the only hope for me."
p.s don't come back here again.

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." -Robert Byrne

It's that time of year again! The time where you travel to work/uni and other places in the dark spend the day there and then return home in the dark! Seeing light is a rare occurance and if you're like me, standing outside in the freezing cold just to see some light is not high on my priorities list.
I do love being able to wear millions of layers and walking around looking like the michelin man because you're allowed in Winter. No-one likes to be cold and well I'm spparently cold-blooded anyway so wrapping up even in the summer months is a thing for me. I would love to be able to hibernate like bears, to just forget the world, to be peaceful and warm. Oh what a life.

(L-R. Black Cape Coat, A/Wear. Khaki&Black striped midi-dress, Miss Selfridge. Navy Fur Trimmed Duffle Coat, Matalan. Grey Duffle-front Cable Cardigan, Matalan, Crop jumper, George at Asda. Spike Stud Bag, Fur Hat, not as good a mine!, Tan Wrap around belt, Wallis. Fairisle knit skirt, Miss Selfridge. Tan pixie lace up boots,

I actually want ALL these clothes! Oh bye bye student loan! Saying this I have sooooo many bills coming out soon I think I better wait and see! Mind you, I really want the boots and midi-dress. Hmmmm, decisions!
Just a quick note. I'm in love. Like for real. It's amazing. Please let me introduce you....

 I NEEEEEED THESE IN MAH LIFE! Both are from Asos! The ones on the left are called Angel and on the right are Amelia! I need them so much! Plus Amelia is in the sale for only £18 now so I feel I should take them before anyone else does! xx

I've been up since 4!

And my god I know I will be feeling this around lunch time!
Anyway enjoy a hat photo. Last one, maybe. I haven't decided yet.
My Cooooooon Hat.

(I really wish I could use photoshop to add some colour to my face! And to get rid of my unplucked eyebrows ahaha, too classy)
This hat is from Brighton Gay Pride a few years ago, I'm sure. It was either there or a Carnival I went toooo, hmm. I will ask the Mother! :) xx

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day of highs&lows!

Today has been the oddest day! It started off well with the box of hats...oh the hats and then well it rapidly changed. I am injured now! Oh so injured, oh dear. So to cheer me up I'm going to share some lovely things I have got recently! Nom :)

Bag £2.00.Rose Address Book, 50p.Earrings, £1.00
I love this bag as its got compartments and its just pretty but basic! I like bags like this, kinda boxy and the like.

As well as these lovely things I also picked up this skirt. I know many hardcore fashionistas are going to mutter under their breath when they see this and feel that I do not deserve this as I do not follow fashion like others but looooooook....
 A normal striped skirt? But oh noooooo, look!
Yes, I am somewhat a follower now. Look at me go! Plus it was only £4.99. Bless the old people in the charity shop not knowing anyrhing about fashion, lol! xx

"I can't tell you what it really is, I can only tell you what it feels like"

-Eminem Feat. Rhianna

I love it when my Mum comes into my room bringing a box. That box is ALWAYS full of goodies and things I know I will like. Today was hats! I love wearing hats and have a bunch of different ones but the ones that were brought to me this morning were different, a bit special if you will. These hats were hats from many different times, for example one from Hastings when I was 16. Another from Brighton when I was 19 and I was there for Gay Pride and I bought it off this stall. These hats hold memories, whether it be small or huuuuge. Love boxes from my Mum.

This peaked hat came from a stall in London and it was the most amazing woman who sold it to me. She was only about 5foot tall and was wearing all of the colours under the sun in one outfit. She looked amazing.
Instead of adding too many photos to one post I will add one hat photo to the bottom of upcoming posts :) Hope you're all having a lovely weekend...even though its been raining here! xx

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Boudica's in Hairnets.

First off the bat.
Go see Made in Dagenham.
Right now. Don't hesitate. Just Go.
It is totally epic and just a truly beautiful film. It focuses around the female machinists who worked within the Ford company. It follows the women being shunned and ignored to becoming completely triumphant. I laughed and I cried. Just totally amazing, so much so I would see it again...completely in awe. The fact that is a true story is in itself wonderful but has been depicted beautifully. I do love British films.

I have always had a slight interest in social history, that's why I'm going into Social Work, but it was only to a broad extent never to an in-depth look like this. I am completely astounded at the courage of the main ring leader Rita O'Grady and her courage to continue the strikes even though there was extreme pressure on her to back down and give in. But of course, no! The women win, first off with a 92% equivalent pay wage to the men but then for it to be completely equal. (Of course this needs to be reviewed again now as this is not the case but still)

As well as loving the story I completely adored the fact the main woman, Rita O'Grady, was my woman from Persuasion! (Otherwise known as Sally Hawkins in real life!) Well, that was another contibuting factor for my admiration. ANDDD Roasmund Pike played a role as an educated woman who was shoved into the 'perfect housewive' role. Oh I love her as well!
Gahhh, I want to be her.

One line that really shone out for me was when Rita was arguing with her husband and he kept saying how she was privileged to have such a nice husband that didn't 'raise his hand' to her or their children and how he was nice and didn't spend all his money on drink and she screamed "They are RIGHTS not PRIVILEGES" Well! Loved it, completely true. Its what people fundamentally miss, not just in this, but in all areas of life. It is a right to be treated with respect and for people to be courteous, not necessarily over-pleasant, but nice enough that we don't feel duped.

Anyway, go see it! Seriously!

Oh I loved the end when Rita was saying how she had borrwed her BIBA dress and Barbara Castle was saying her outfit was from C&A. Ahhh, love this film!

Some of the original Dagenham ladies :)!