Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog...

Halloween was amazing and I completely loved it! For once there was only maybe one, possibly two, who were not dressed up which is pretty epic! Even though 98% of girls were nurses covered in blood and nearly all boys were just in blood stained white shirts! ahah. Bless. My friends and I were dressed up and of course we went all out! We had Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Death on Vacation (Oh yes, inventive) and of course me, I was a Lion Tamer/Ring Leader! I turned more into a ring leader as I didn't take my stuffed lion out as I knew I would either lose it or someone would steal it! I don't have many photos as I couldn't find my camera charger so that died :( I have a few though so enjoy!

 Lawson is a Ninja and Ben is a guy with a few bandages wrapped around. I think the idea was mummy but thats a kinda fail attempt :) lol.
Death on Vacation. Original like.
As I didn't have a lion with me I adapted and decided to include a chair within my costume. Needless to say I only adapted for one photo... My homemade jacket which startd out as a good idea and then took soooo long! Was so frustrating but it worked in the end, yeyy.
Ahhhh loved it :) Things came together as well! xx

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