Sunday, October 10, 2010

A day of highs&lows!

Today has been the oddest day! It started off well with the box of hats...oh the hats and then well it rapidly changed. I am injured now! Oh so injured, oh dear. So to cheer me up I'm going to share some lovely things I have got recently! Nom :)

Bag £2.00.Rose Address Book, 50p.Earrings, £1.00
I love this bag as its got compartments and its just pretty but basic! I like bags like this, kinda boxy and the like.

As well as these lovely things I also picked up this skirt. I know many hardcore fashionistas are going to mutter under their breath when they see this and feel that I do not deserve this as I do not follow fashion like others but looooooook....
 A normal striped skirt? But oh noooooo, look!
Yes, I am somewhat a follower now. Look at me go! Plus it was only £4.99. Bless the old people in the charity shop not knowing anyrhing about fashion, lol! xx


  1. Seriously. I have. To ask. Where do you thrift things from?

  2. Everywhere! I don't have any set shops :)
    I look in charity shops, vintage shops and the occasional boot sale :) xx


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