Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Whispers in the rain. Listen. Don't push love away, you know you do" - The Juliana Theory

Just a little mini OOTD before I go to bed with some reading I MUST do instead of saying I will do it later and later just never comes.

  Straw bag, found in the attic, yeyyy! Tan Jumper, Florence&Fred. Tweed Jacket, Vintage. Brooch&fur edged gloves, Primark.

Over the weekend my Mum has been on a mission to de-clutter, like it will ever happen, so boxes lay strewn across the floor so when I have had nothing else to I've sat down pouring through these boxes to reveal some utter treasures. Heres some of my favourite photos and a postcard which I just love.

These are photos of my Grandad&Grandma as well as my Mum as a child. They are both my complete heroes and I adore these photos. Blac&White photos definitely have something about them. xx

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