Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hey There! Happy National Wool Week!

Soooo, what is wool week you may be asking? Well, it's all down to our one&only HRH Charles, would you believe, and his need to encourage people to buy wool as it's on the downfall. This new campaign is supported by big-name stores such as Debenhams, John Lewis and M&S.

There is many different events due to take place this week including the famous Saville Row to be closed to allow Bowmoor&Exmoor Horn sheep to dawdle down! Prince Charles is all about the enviroment and the multi-purpose use of wool which can be used for fashion, industry&home. It's a pretty epic campaign because as he says it is sustainable and doesn't harm any sheep, it's a haircut! Wool is atural, sustainable and biodegradable, wool is also incredibly versatile. It is elastic, highly insulating, and water repellent, and can be strong and hard wearing as well as soft and delicate. It can be dyed and combined with other fibres to produce different effects – the possible end uses for wool seem endless! (You can find out more HERE!)

I'm in. I will buy more wool products. The more observant of you will have noticed a new section in the footer of my blog which is all for Handmade Good and how I pledge to buy handmade items for myself and others to help support others. Now I feel like I am truly part of two good causes, wood&handmade goods. From this I have picked out some lovely wooly goodies from etsy! Enjoy :)

(Click the name of the item to be taken to the etsy shop! Purple Bird Bowl. Peach Wool Vintage Bag. Wool Applique Cushion. Knitted Owls. Hand Knitted Cowl )


  1. Wow I adore the little white clutch. I would love to buy more woollen products, but the price of clothes is increasing so I am getting fussy. I am currently increasing my sewing skills, and when I have mastered that, knitting is on the list! Do stop by my blog sometime:
    http://ladycherryloves.blogspot.com/ xx

  2. It is lovely and so cute! I think I'm in the same boat there as I do find woolen products can be so much more expensive compared to similar but cheaper items! Oh goood, I LOVE sewing and would encourage anyone to do it. I can knit to a certain degree, the most I've managed is a scarf for my puppy though and needless to say he was no impressed! I will go check your blog now, thank you for stopping by :) xx


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