Thursday, October 14, 2010

"I hope you can save our wounded hearts and distance makes my heart grow colder" - Funeral for a Friend.

Yesterday I said I would post a photo of my beautiful new satchel and here it is! Ahhhhhh.

 In't it loverly?! It was a bargain as well for only £30 from Topman! Yes, TopMAN....I will be going back to have another look soon I believe. I definitely need big bags like as I carry soooo much. Too much probably.

When I hit the library I literally make a little fort around me with all the stuff I have been carrying. My chiropractic is on hold as I know I will do some damage sometime soon. xx


  1. Is that a hankie I spy in the bottom pic, with the birds on? I NEED a hankie, I have a permanent cold at the minute! If it is, please do tell where it is from! x

  2. I'm afraid it isn't! It's my mini 'Save the Planet' tote! I would try etsy or ebay for cute hankies :) xx


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