Saturday, October 09, 2010

Boudica's in Hairnets.

First off the bat.
Go see Made in Dagenham.
Right now. Don't hesitate. Just Go.
It is totally epic and just a truly beautiful film. It focuses around the female machinists who worked within the Ford company. It follows the women being shunned and ignored to becoming completely triumphant. I laughed and I cried. Just totally amazing, so much so I would see it again...completely in awe. The fact that is a true story is in itself wonderful but has been depicted beautifully. I do love British films.

I have always had a slight interest in social history, that's why I'm going into Social Work, but it was only to a broad extent never to an in-depth look like this. I am completely astounded at the courage of the main ring leader Rita O'Grady and her courage to continue the strikes even though there was extreme pressure on her to back down and give in. But of course, no! The women win, first off with a 92% equivalent pay wage to the men but then for it to be completely equal. (Of course this needs to be reviewed again now as this is not the case but still)

As well as loving the story I completely adored the fact the main woman, Rita O'Grady, was my woman from Persuasion! (Otherwise known as Sally Hawkins in real life!) Well, that was another contibuting factor for my admiration. ANDDD Roasmund Pike played a role as an educated woman who was shoved into the 'perfect housewive' role. Oh I love her as well!
Gahhh, I want to be her.

One line that really shone out for me was when Rita was arguing with her husband and he kept saying how she was privileged to have such a nice husband that didn't 'raise his hand' to her or their children and how he was nice and didn't spend all his money on drink and she screamed "They are RIGHTS not PRIVILEGES" Well! Loved it, completely true. Its what people fundamentally miss, not just in this, but in all areas of life. It is a right to be treated with respect and for people to be courteous, not necessarily over-pleasant, but nice enough that we don't feel duped.

Anyway, go see it! Seriously!

Oh I loved the end when Rita was saying how she had borrwed her BIBA dress and Barbara Castle was saying her outfit was from C&A. Ahhh, love this film!

Some of the original Dagenham ladies :)!

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