Monday, October 11, 2010

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours." -Robert Byrne

It's that time of year again! The time where you travel to work/uni and other places in the dark spend the day there and then return home in the dark! Seeing light is a rare occurance and if you're like me, standing outside in the freezing cold just to see some light is not high on my priorities list.
I do love being able to wear millions of layers and walking around looking like the michelin man because you're allowed in Winter. No-one likes to be cold and well I'm spparently cold-blooded anyway so wrapping up even in the summer months is a thing for me. I would love to be able to hibernate like bears, to just forget the world, to be peaceful and warm. Oh what a life.

(L-R. Black Cape Coat, A/Wear. Khaki&Black striped midi-dress, Miss Selfridge. Navy Fur Trimmed Duffle Coat, Matalan. Grey Duffle-front Cable Cardigan, Matalan, Crop jumper, George at Asda. Spike Stud Bag, Fur Hat, not as good a mine!, Tan Wrap around belt, Wallis. Fairisle knit skirt, Miss Selfridge. Tan pixie lace up boots,

I actually want ALL these clothes! Oh bye bye student loan! Saying this I have sooooo many bills coming out soon I think I better wait and see! Mind you, I really want the boots and midi-dress. Hmmmm, decisions!
Just a quick note. I'm in love. Like for real. It's amazing. Please let me introduce you....

 I NEEEEEED THESE IN MAH LIFE! Both are from Asos! The ones on the left are called Angel and on the right are Amelia! I need them so much! Plus Amelia is in the sale for only £18 now so I feel I should take them before anyone else does! xx

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