Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

 Well technically Eve. But hey! New year, new start and all that! I am very much looking forward to 2011, it seems like it will be a fantastic year; just as 2010 has been towards the end.
I haven't got any resolutions as I will just break them...probably in the first few days. Which in turn will just depress me that I cannot stick to a few rules!

(Purple velvet&leather dress, Browns Fashion. The History of Whoo Cream, White gold bow flats, Vivienne Westwood.)

I hope everyone has a fantastic start to 2011. All the best! xx

Because, I like you.

Here is another tip! Well not really a tip but it's me tidying and sorting my room and being mega impressed that I'm actually serious about it this time! Most of my time on this earth will be me living in a flux in which I live in the moment and I hate tidying. Pointless exercise however I do understand that every once in a while it does need to happen!

So here goes! (Adverty Style-e)
Are you, like me, trying to find a home for all your brooches?! Well this is your lucky day!
I used to keep all my brooches in my chicken mug but since my lovely red bow hair clip died I have resurrected it so that all my brooches are organised! 
 Just attach brooches! It's amazing how much thought went into this.
It just keeps all my brooches together. My special brooches I do keep in a jewelry box though. I love brooches as I tend to pick them up from places I visit or they are gifts from special people.
Even though I have organised my brooches, I still keep them in the chicken mug. I mean how can you not love it?! xx

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Change in the ranks.

Well change to the blog. I am terrible at keeping to the same and I constantly like to tweek little bits but I feel as the new year is coming so should a new layout! Hopefully it will go to plan! Wish me luck!
Hope it won't be too messy.

Monday, December 27, 2010

"Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads." - Author Unknown

I've decided that I want to go away, like I've mentioned before, to explore everything. I really would like to go to Austria so I can ski/snow board. Well I can attempt to anyway! But as you will all know by now I get cold WAYYY too easily so will need quite a few layers!
(Nofu New Knit Cardigan, Vila. Braemar Ski Jacket, Sweaty Betty. Arbonne Ski Wedge Boots,  Lacoste. Ski Neck Warme, Adidas by Stella McCartney. Duck Egg Blue Audrey Sweater, Athleta. Beet tankard, Ikea. Fondue Set, John Lewis. Sno Black Snowflake Pom Pom Trapper Hat, Topshop. Lapin earmuff, Emilio Pucci.)

While browsing online I have came accross so many lovely weekend bags, yes I'm aware to go skiing I will need a bag ever so slightly bigger...However, I do feel I will need a new weekend bag this year. xx

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'll let you into a little secret...

Just because I like you.
Well, it's more of a tip than a secret but saying secret created an air of tension and illusion! Oooh.
         I have well too many earrings, like WAYYYY too many. I will buy new pairs just becasuse "they're nice!". I panicked when I realised storing all these earrings in a pot was not the best idea so I went on a hunt for a better idea and came up with this!
       While on the hunt, I found this pretty bird feeder which was only a few pounds and I've now piled it up with earrings! Good, no? :)

Enjoy my tip! xx

Boxing Day!

Christmas has been nice, a little hectic but nice!
Now it's time to wallow in my presents and enjoy the company of family and friends!
Instead of explaining what I got up to, here are some photos!

My local area. Mum&I had a little walk through the snow on Christmas day with my little pooch.
I have recieved some gorgeous gifts, my favourite being this lovely Hummingbird brooch and this lovely little suitcases. I really need to sort out my room so these boxes could really help.
Christmas has been fun :). Hope everyone had a good time! xx

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

It is one day until Christmas and I am being a complete grinch because of the snow. I know it cannot be helped and what not but I have never been a lover and with all my parcels and general life being put on hold, I don't appreciate!
I am looking forward to a few quiet days. Quiet and healthy, as I have been pigging out so much lately but I'm putting it down to hibernation weight, ho hum.
Even though its only Christmas Eve, I have been lucky enough to recieve a few goodies!

I am also fortunate to have a new phone, as mine was dying a death, and look how pretty the case is! Now that is what I call a proper cover! (Cover, Ebay)Some new plasters, as I damage myself more than most! This little perfume is lovely and at a mere £2.99, a complete bargain! I love carrying a perfume around with me in my bag but hate carrying anything expensive as I tend to lose everything this is the perfect solution! (Circus plasters, gift. Perfume, H&M) A buddha statue and some lovely new candes! I love having candles and oils burning. (Candles, Ikea. Buddha, Durham Christmas Market) Some gorgeous bangles! Which don't fall off my child-like wrists. I don't think anyone will fully understand this achievement. Oh Well. (Bangles, Asda)

Anyway, I'm off to get ready to see the boy and eat too much, ommmm nommmm. Hope everyone else has an equally lovely Christmas Eve! xx

Monday, December 20, 2010

"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens

I am afraid to say it but, I really am a bit of a Grinch. It is probably because as a whole, my family isn't exactly close and we don't all meet up for a big meal. Which I'm kinda thankful for, as I hate huge shindigs. I hate big groups of people-even when it is family.
Saying all this however this year, I am feeling slightly more festive. Not tremendously but I would say my heart has grown at least one size! Soooooo, to get myself even more in the mood, I have a big pile of Christmas-sy DVDs to watch and overindulge in festive foods!
Now, I'm going to overload you with Christmas photos so that you can be just as festive!

 (All photos from
P.S- like my new festive wallpaper?! Ohhh yes, I'm going all out! xx

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I have already written about the new film Burlesque (you can read it HERE!) and I am still waiting to see it! This displeases me as, I neeeeeed to see it!
(feather eye mask, tkmaxx. burlesque inspired make-up, smashbox. beaded necklace, black satin corset top & black/white bordello shoes

I have and always will love Christina Aguilera. Hell, I love her so much after seeing her in chaps, I nearly bought a pair! Yes, her new album was actually disgraceful and may have made me weep for her talent to come back to her; I do feel this could be her redeeming factor! Corsets, feathers, songs and dancing routines (which I will learn) is what I'm talking about! Ohhhh and I have never wanted a pair of shoes as much as I want these-slight exaggeration but I'm well too excited! xx

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"Then we would go home and work on a castle of our own." - Tides of Man.

 My life is pretty good at the minute...minus the HUGE amount of work I have had to do. However it is my fault that I left it to the last minute....kinda.
When I haven't been doing work I have adopted a side of a bed and even left items in two houses so I need to g back! I have decided I love being in town, I love being so close to everyone and everything!

So close in fact that in the past 10 ten days I have been to the tattooist 3 times. 3 times?! you may say! How hardcore I do sound and I wish I could say it was all for me but alas, not even one time was for me! Humf. It will be soon however!
The sound of the gun freaks me out a bit but I love the people who I went with so its'all good! Two sessions have been with Kate and her rose tattoo which goes up her ribs (photo to the left, not finished by the way) and once with someone else.

Anyway from being there too many times with other people and not enough for me it had pushed me into getting a bigger tattoo. At the minute I am sporting a little heart tattoo on my wrist which is 'super cute' well thats what the tattooist said today, so I'm sticking with that!

Here are some of the subjects I'm interested in!
Gerbera Umbrella, 
Peacock print,
Cherry Blossom candle holder, Fenwicks. 
Hummingbird Bangle,  
Koi leather phone pouch,

Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Wish List.

This year may be the first year, in like forever, that I don't have a definite want list for Christmas!
It's really odd and I cannot even think of one thing that I need. Mainly because I have everything I want and need! However there is still some items I wouldn't mind people, pay attention! (This actually has taken me weeks as I had no idea what to include!)
(Babushka Ear Buds, Ticket Stub collection book, TKMaxx, Snowman socks, Topshop. Anna Sui perfume, various. Toms shoes, Toms.)

I'm really into the idea of travelling at the moment. I want to go to places you wouldn't normally. Maybe, I'm so interested because its came up in conversation recently but even so its a good idea. I'm gonna go look into this now! xx

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I came through thunder, the cold, wind, the rain and the snow To find you awake by your window sill"

We've been snowed in! Completely! It's hectic, people have fallen over and fractured ankles (get well soon, John!) as well as falling over in roads! Its been cold and traumatic...well, kinda.
I've actually had a pretty good time even though its cold and horrible. On Saturday night as a last minute plan I decided to go to town to see my uni friends to only find I would be there until earlier today! I have been snowed Newcastle!
To be fair, it was warm, I had fun and amazing food but its only when it came to the point where my only choice would be to wear man boxers I decided to try and battle my way home. Battle is the complete right word as the buses are all over the place and on top of this lousy fact, the bus I was on broke down and made me walk for miles to get home!
Upsetting to say the least...unlikely prospects of me getting to university tomorrow. Ho Hum.
Oh well! Have some photos :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Sometime this week, I will hopefully be signing some contracts so that I will be fully ready to move out next year! I am a little excited, to say the least, and I feel its a long time coming!
Even though it is so many months away, I am thinking I will start buying things soon so that the price is spread out!
I did originally fancy the attic room but being the height that I am, similar to a giant, I am unable to claim it and from this Kate has claimed it and squealed at every attic room we saw! Lol.
As the attic room has been claimed, I have claimed the second biggest room which is only fair as Kate&I are organising it! :) Obviously as it is student accomodation, boo, it will be filled with basic furniture and without the possibility of redecorating so I am banished to shopping for amazing accessories, which isn't that difficult in all fairness. I always feel the cold and I'm thinking having a white/cream room with light accessories (original plan) will only hinder me becoming warm. Odd, I know but its true. It's harder to become warm in a cold looking room...Fact. (Well, maybe)

Soooooo, as purple is my favourite colour I feel I will be focusing around that :)
(Heal's velvet cushion, £65.00. Purple Haysom Lighting disc pendant, £49.00. Ashleigh&Burwood Fragrance lamp, £33.50. Dwell glass stem lamp, £79. Alessi La Rosa bowl, £38.00.  'Nettle Green' Bird jar, £11.50. Debenhams quilted hot water bottle, £10.00. Debenhams padded hangers, £6.40. Debenhams drawer knob, £3.75)

Obviously I won't really be able to afford all of these lovely products as I do like to eat but its a good start! I created this moodboard on My Deco which is actually an awesome site! It's all about homeware (obvs) and is like shopstyle or polyvore where it is like a department store but online! Lovin' it! xx 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Doris is in a Daze!

My lovely Vicki, from Doris Daze Imaginatorium, is having a right ol' time dealing with the clothes surrounding the Christmas festivities! I can totally relate to her, with that yes, you want to look drop, dead gorgeous but, you don't want to have no money for presents! Oh, I can totally relate to you, Vicki m'love!
As she has been so nice to me on her blog, and in general, I thought I would chuch together a little outfit for her so that I can help in any little way! The criteria focuses around lace&leopard print, which can I just say is amazing! I love both and if you threw in a bit of tweed&fur&feathers and oh my, I'm bought!
So here goes! I hope it helps a little.
These are all from ZARA and the reason I like them so is that they would be able to be transformed from a basic day dress to a fancy night dress!

(29.99, 69.99, 35.99)
(29.99,29.99, 19.99, 69.99, 59.99)
(Asymmetic dress, Bank, £36.99. Leopard print tassle bag, Quiz, £9.99. Black patent bag, Clarks, £21.99. Leopard print bow belt, Boohoo, £3.00. Lace dress, Matalan, £18.00. Strapless dress, George, £20.00. Metal lace cuff, Urban Outfitters, £22.00. Seven strap belt, Asos, £18.00. Leopard print bow-belt, Asos, £6.00)

As well as all these I know H&M have some nice dresses instore at the minute but the website is dire! This has taken sooo long and I feel terrible and ill and awful and bleurgh! So I may expand on this later but, I hope its helped a little my darling! xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Organised Chaos.

(I am just looking through drafts and realising I have sooo many draft posts that it wouldn't take too much to update and post! Last one for tonight though!)

This is my life, permanently!
I tend to just pick up everything and throw it down! Ho Hum. 
Anyone who sits next to me in the library always hate me, because I take up the whole desk!
This photo was taken about a week ago just before I went shopping and had the biggest nandos ever! Nom!
Another nom moment would be this pizza which was gorgeous! My god, I want to go back some time and get another!

(It looks so fatty now, ahahah, but it was amahzing!)


As I keep hearing everywhere we are nearing closer and close to Christmas, hell I even heard my first Christmas song on the radio yesterday. It greatly upset me as I do not like Christmas songs and well there is no way I want to rush past the 37 days (Yes, only 37 days!) till Christmas. If you are starting to shop I feel you should check out this site Not On The High Street. Apart from the fact they sell super nice stuff they are also slightly like Etsy in that it is made up of small, individual shops which of course appeals to me!

 (All images from Not on the Hight Street)

This is a major hint to everyone who is struggling to get me a present, as some people have said this, I suggest you go to this site! I love nearly all of it! xx

Friday, November 12, 2010

"The final time, I close my eyes. I will open them in paradise." - Ivoryline

I have been completely submerged with work recently and a bit lazy to be honest. I keep meaning to come on and write something but then I get in, or go out with friends, and I get completely distracted! So I'm sorry but I'm back :)

Ohhh I have to share this! I was walking behind this woman the other week in town and well I became that annoying person who walks too closesly! But, I really needed to take a photo of this! She actually walked into Northumbria Uni City library so if anyone knows who she is lemme know! 

I keep saying I want to be more eco-friendly but I just don't get around to it...if thats possible! I do try and turn lights and plugs off and the like but other than that I drive my car ALOT and well I don't plan on changing it. When we cannot see because of the smog or we actually start drowning because of the melting icecaps I will probably stop...Is that bad? Probably but they keep changing their minds so I will continue! 

I have some photos that I need to upload so I will get on that now. (I have some on my camera and phone and some which I am waiting to be sent to me!) I will upload some maybe :). 

Ohhhhh, Kate&I went looking for some peppermint syrup for coffee in Newcastle yesterday but couldn't find any, does anyone know we can get some?! xx

Quick outfit post!
(Coat, Belt&Socks-Primark. 
Top-Dorothy Perkins. 
Herringbone Shorts-River Island. 
Scarf-M&S. Bag-Clarks. 
Cloch hat-I cannot remember!)
I nearly always wear hats in the rain as I HATE getting wet! And well umbrellas just never really do the job! xx 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shoes for Tomorrow.

I've seen many photos and heard a lot of things about the new movement following TOMs shoes and I just thought 'yeah they're the new thing' no thought went in to it really. But after reading in the December issue of Marie Claire I've discovered they do a lot more than provid footwear for us!
It all started with Blake Mycoskie who was a young businessman who saw poverty and decided to change it. This is when Shoes for Tomorrow came in and basically for every pair of TOMs sold he will donate another pair ro a child who needs shoes! I love this idea! It's so lovely, I don't normally buy into movements of this sort but I think I really could as its just such a good cause!
Heres just some celebs who have got their hands on some! (Zac Efron, Liv Tyler&Keira Knightley)

(All images from the Toms website)
They have a huuuuuge range of designs and colours and when its this good a cause how can you say no?!

"Eye of newt, and toe of frog...

Halloween was amazing and I completely loved it! For once there was only maybe one, possibly two, who were not dressed up which is pretty epic! Even though 98% of girls were nurses covered in blood and nearly all boys were just in blood stained white shirts! ahah. Bless. My friends and I were dressed up and of course we went all out! We had Queen of Hearts, Alice in Wonderland, Death on Vacation (Oh yes, inventive) and of course me, I was a Lion Tamer/Ring Leader! I turned more into a ring leader as I didn't take my stuffed lion out as I knew I would either lose it or someone would steal it! I don't have many photos as I couldn't find my camera charger so that died :( I have a few though so enjoy!

 Lawson is a Ninja and Ben is a guy with a few bandages wrapped around. I think the idea was mummy but thats a kinda fail attempt :) lol.
Death on Vacation. Original like.
As I didn't have a lion with me I adapted and decided to include a chair within my costume. Needless to say I only adapted for one photo... My homemade jacket which startd out as a good idea and then took soooo long! Was so frustrating but it worked in the end, yeyy.
Ahhhh loved it :) Things came together as well! xx

Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Set the ferris wheel ablaze" - My Chemical Romance

Yes I am aware that its another My Chemical Romance title but its because I went and saw them in Edinburgh and well, they were EPIC. Not much else to be said apart from Edinburgh kids are brutal but the band are just as pretty, some prettier than others, and they seemed to have returned to a more gritty state in which I approve. They have changed somewhat as back in my day (yes I'm 90) Frank Iero was the second main man but now young Mikey is. Fair play Mikey, you are no longer the shy ridden boy hiding at the back of the stage behind his big glasses and even bigger hair.

As I was only going for a night I didn't want to take too many clothes as it would be too much to carry...I packed accordingly which is suprising and amusing when I saw how much Kelly had packed (Bless choo!) So here goes!
I decided to carry a simple LBD dress along as it goes with everything!
LBD, H&M,. Brown Top, Topshop,. Belt, Primark,. Floral Top, French Connection
Had an amazing time and well I love Edinburgh! I ate too much and walked so much my feet still ache today! But I wouldn't change a thing.
We found this super cute museum which was about Scottish Literary Writers. It was a complete stumble-upon moment as we couldn't find it advertised anywhere and it was only because we saw words carved into the wall (below) and the floor which led up the little museum! It was soooo cute inside though and would say to go just to explore! (For people who want to need to go up the Mound and then you'll see a little cut to your right, go up there!)

The huge amount of food we had in one sitting but was gorgeous! I had the potato skins, cheese&bacon and Kelly had the Tomato&Mozzerella Salad. We both tried and failed to have these cheeseburgers and had to resort to taking the half-finished things with us!

And of course the band in question! I enjoyed, a lot. :) Now back to doing workkkk, humf.