Friday, November 12, 2010

"The final time, I close my eyes. I will open them in paradise." - Ivoryline

I have been completely submerged with work recently and a bit lazy to be honest. I keep meaning to come on and write something but then I get in, or go out with friends, and I get completely distracted! So I'm sorry but I'm back :)

Ohhh I have to share this! I was walking behind this woman the other week in town and well I became that annoying person who walks too closesly! But, I really needed to take a photo of this! She actually walked into Northumbria Uni City library so if anyone knows who she is lemme know! 

I keep saying I want to be more eco-friendly but I just don't get around to it...if thats possible! I do try and turn lights and plugs off and the like but other than that I drive my car ALOT and well I don't plan on changing it. When we cannot see because of the smog or we actually start drowning because of the melting icecaps I will probably stop...Is that bad? Probably but they keep changing their minds so I will continue! 

I have some photos that I need to upload so I will get on that now. (I have some on my camera and phone and some which I am waiting to be sent to me!) I will upload some maybe :). 

Ohhhhh, Kate&I went looking for some peppermint syrup for coffee in Newcastle yesterday but couldn't find any, does anyone know we can get some?! xx

Quick outfit post!
(Coat, Belt&Socks-Primark. 
Top-Dorothy Perkins. 
Herringbone Shorts-River Island. 
Scarf-M&S. Bag-Clarks. 
Cloch hat-I cannot remember!)
I nearly always wear hats in the rain as I HATE getting wet! And well umbrellas just never really do the job! xx 

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