Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"I came through thunder, the cold, wind, the rain and the snow To find you awake by your window sill"

We've been snowed in! Completely! It's hectic, people have fallen over and fractured ankles (get well soon, John!) as well as falling over in roads! Its been cold and traumatic...well, kinda.
I've actually had a pretty good time even though its cold and horrible. On Saturday night as a last minute plan I decided to go to town to see my uni friends to only find I would be there until earlier today! I have been snowed in...in Newcastle!
To be fair, it was warm, I had fun and amazing food but its only when it came to the point where my only choice would be to wear man boxers I decided to try and battle my way home. Battle is the complete right word as the buses are all over the place and on top of this lousy fact, the bus I was on broke down and made me walk for miles to get home!
Upsetting to say the least...unlikely prospects of me getting to university tomorrow. Ho Hum.
Oh well! Have some photos :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Sometime this week, I will hopefully be signing some contracts so that I will be fully ready to move out next year! I am a little excited, to say the least, and I feel its a long time coming!
Even though it is so many months away, I am thinking I will start buying things soon so that the price is spread out!
I did originally fancy the attic room but being the height that I am, similar to a giant, I am unable to claim it and from this Kate has claimed it and squealed at every attic room we saw! Lol.
As the attic room has been claimed, I have claimed the second biggest room which is only fair as Kate&I are organising it! :) Obviously as it is student accomodation, boo, it will be filled with basic furniture and without the possibility of redecorating so I am banished to shopping for amazing accessories, which isn't that difficult in all fairness. I always feel the cold and I'm thinking having a white/cream room with light accessories (original plan) will only hinder me becoming warm. Odd, I know but its true. It's harder to become warm in a cold looking room...Fact. (Well, maybe)

Soooooo, as purple is my favourite colour I feel I will be focusing around that :)
(Heal's velvet cushion, £65.00. Purple Haysom Lighting disc pendant, £49.00. Ashleigh&Burwood Fragrance lamp, £33.50. Dwell glass stem lamp, £79. Alessi La Rosa bowl, £38.00.  'Nettle Green' Bird jar, £11.50. Debenhams quilted hot water bottle, £10.00. Debenhams padded hangers, £6.40. Debenhams drawer knob, £3.75)

Obviously I won't really be able to afford all of these lovely products as I do like to eat but its a good start! I created this moodboard on My Deco which is actually an awesome site! It's all about homeware (obvs) and is like shopstyle or polyvore where it is like a department store but online! Lovin' it! xx 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Doris is in a Daze!

My lovely Vicki, from Doris Daze Imaginatorium, is having a right ol' time dealing with the clothes surrounding the Christmas festivities! I can totally relate to her, with that yes, you want to look drop, dead gorgeous but, you don't want to have no money for presents! Oh, I can totally relate to you, Vicki m'love!
As she has been so nice to me on her blog, and in general, I thought I would chuch together a little outfit for her so that I can help in any little way! The criteria focuses around lace&leopard print, which can I just say is amazing! I love both and if you threw in a bit of tweed&fur&feathers and oh my, I'm bought!
So here goes! I hope it helps a little.
These are all from ZARA and the reason I like them so is that they would be able to be transformed from a basic day dress to a fancy night dress!

(29.99, 69.99, 35.99)
(29.99,29.99, 19.99, 69.99, 59.99)
(Asymmetic dress, Bank, £36.99. Leopard print tassle bag, Quiz, £9.99. Black patent bag, Clarks, £21.99. Leopard print bow belt, Boohoo, £3.00. Lace dress, Matalan, £18.00. Strapless dress, George, £20.00. Metal lace cuff, Urban Outfitters, £22.00. Seven strap belt, Asos, £18.00. Leopard print bow-belt, Asos, £6.00)

As well as all these I know H&M have some nice dresses instore at the minute but the website is dire! This has taken sooo long and I feel terrible and ill and awful and bleurgh! So I may expand on this later but, I hope its helped a little my darling! xx

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Organised Chaos.

(I am just looking through drafts and realising I have sooo many draft posts that it wouldn't take too much to update and post! Last one for tonight though!)

This is my life, permanently!
I tend to just pick up everything and throw it down! Ho Hum. 
Anyone who sits next to me in the library always hate me, because I take up the whole desk!
This photo was taken about a week ago just before I went shopping and had the biggest nandos ever! Nom!
Another nom moment would be this pizza which was gorgeous! My god, I want to go back some time and get another!

(It looks so fatty now, ahahah, but it was amahzing!)


As I keep hearing everywhere we are nearing closer and close to Christmas, hell I even heard my first Christmas song on the radio yesterday. It greatly upset me as I do not like Christmas songs and well there is no way I want to rush past the 37 days (Yes, only 37 days!) till Christmas. If you are starting to shop I feel you should check out this site Not On The High Street. Apart from the fact they sell super nice stuff they are also slightly like Etsy in that it is made up of small, individual shops which of course appeals to me!

 (All images from Not on the Hight Street)

This is a major hint to everyone who is struggling to get me a present, as some people have said this, I suggest you go to this site! I love nearly all of it! xx

Friday, November 12, 2010

"The final time, I close my eyes. I will open them in paradise." - Ivoryline

I have been completely submerged with work recently and a bit lazy to be honest. I keep meaning to come on and write something but then I get in, or go out with friends, and I get completely distracted! So I'm sorry but I'm back :)

Ohhh I have to share this! I was walking behind this woman the other week in town and well I became that annoying person who walks too closesly! But, I really needed to take a photo of this! She actually walked into Northumbria Uni City library so if anyone knows who she is lemme know! 

I keep saying I want to be more eco-friendly but I just don't get around to it...if thats possible! I do try and turn lights and plugs off and the like but other than that I drive my car ALOT and well I don't plan on changing it. When we cannot see because of the smog or we actually start drowning because of the melting icecaps I will probably stop...Is that bad? Probably but they keep changing their minds so I will continue! 

I have some photos that I need to upload so I will get on that now. (I have some on my camera and phone and some which I am waiting to be sent to me!) I will upload some maybe :). 

Ohhhhh, Kate&I went looking for some peppermint syrup for coffee in Newcastle yesterday but couldn't find any, does anyone know we can get some?! xx

Quick outfit post!
(Coat, Belt&Socks-Primark. 
Top-Dorothy Perkins. 
Herringbone Shorts-River Island. 
Scarf-M&S. Bag-Clarks. 
Cloch hat-I cannot remember!)
I nearly always wear hats in the rain as I HATE getting wet! And well umbrellas just never really do the job! xx