Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back to School!

Tomorrow is the 1st of September and depending on where you live and how old you are you may be returning to education! I return in a few weeks but thought I better look into my own wishlist! (Like I can afford anything but still!)
I always see each new academic year as a new start and I fully intend to start this one with a bang! I like to do all my clearing out today as I hate clutter and chaos around the time I start!
So today I will be sorting everything out from books to clothes as well as a few other matters which will be resolved today!

So here goes! (Click on it to make it large!)

Whats on everyone elses wishlists?  xx

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new loot!

Everyone loves a good bargain, whether that bargain be for the poorer or the richer among us! So here are mine and golly am I pleased! (And yes, I said golly. Never done it before not sure I will again...)

 This is the scarf & brooch from the previous post! Both from Primark and well I'm impressed. The scarf is really nice quality! Scarf £4.00, Brooch £2.00.

I love over the knee socks and tend to wear a lot in the autumn/winter time! So these are real bargains and so cute! £1.50 each, Primark.

My final items from Primark! 3 pairs of tights and all in my colours! I generally wear black, brown and white the most so these will definitely fit in!   (L-R 
Denier Sand tights, £2.00, 
Denier Khaki tights, £2.00
Cotton Sand tights, £3.00)

This my friends is from the pound shop, oh yes! Now that is what you call a bargain! I love a bit of Ugly Betty just for the glasses I think!

Also I was talking to my mum the other day about purchasing a faux fur collar to go with my tweed jacket and after a few minutes rummaging in the cupboard she pulled out these beauties!
So there is a straight faux fur leopard print scarf, a faux fur leopard print cape and a brown collar! Lovin' life! She also has a dark pink sheepskin collar but she says I can't have this, mega sad!

Overall, a pretty good haul! Anyone else find any bargains of late? xx

Desire & Devotion.


I haven't been too well this week so being able to take an outfit post has been a little difficult to say the least! This is from friday and well its all about H&M and Primark! Lately, as my funds run out I tend to stick to the cheaper stores and well the cheaper stores aren't as cheap as they used to be! Humph.
Plus even though Primark will always be Primark I do feel its lost some of the stigma attached! ANDDD the other day when I was in the queue it was advertising its new policies on the website in how they now pay fair wage....makes you wonder when they didn't, oh dear!

These photos weren't meant to be in black and white but the black dress wouldn't be black when the scarf would be tan! I had a little tantrum but gave in!
Dress, H&M
Scarf, Brooch, Earrings & Tights, Primark

I am going to take a photo of the scarf and other goodies I got from Primark and upload them in a minute! :)

Movie Time!

Dinner for Schmucks!
(May contain spoilers...well, it does!)

A friend and I went wild last night, it being Saturday and all, instead of partying like everyone does we decided to hit the cinema!
(Saturdays are actually a really good time to hit the cinema as its real quiet!)
We originally went to see Scott Pilgram takes over the World but it didn't start until like 10, and well both of us were tired like the elderly.
So the only one on at a decent time would be Dinner for Schmucks! I could only remember seeing a trailer for it many moons again and Kelly the same, but ofc the whole Paul Rudd situation pushed her to want to see it!
It started off quite slow and with little dead mice being dressed up and being put into different scenarios, to which we later found out that it was actually memories of Barry (Steve Carrell) and his ex-wife! So sweet, even though they are dead mice!
It basically goes on for Tim (Paul Rudd) to wanting  a promotion and the only way it will happen is if Tim brings someone 'special' to this dinner that the big boss holds. The whole meeting of course is all mysterious and 'wow, this never happens!' and the underlining story isn't that great. (Like the relationship between Tim and his gf/fiancee)

BUT.. Steve Carrell is amazing! I NEVER laugh out loud at films, I can slyly snigger or flash a smile but I never laugh. However, I laughed.Out.Loud!
It was hilarious! Obviously everyones humours are different but I would recommend this film to people who like his other films and films like it!

OHHHH, I even learnt something! If someone is attacking you lay still and act dead! It's a human urge not to hit anything dead as it seems pointless! Lets just say Barry plays dead well!

The trailers available do not do it justice!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Josy Flo. Ethical and Practical!

Just as I had finished my Emma Watson & People Tree post I logged into Twitter to find a lovely lady named Joanna (or Josy) Spooner was following me! I always check out my followers to see who they are and the like. After clicking on her profile (LINK:@JosyFlo_Belts) I found that she herself was a designer! A belts designer. Not only did she make practical and pretty bum bags and money bags but they were all made by an ethical group! Well, well, well! How very interesting! So I emailed her and asked if I could write a post about her and here I am!

The range is named JosyFlo and was originally created by Josy Spooner. She always had a love for fashion and started working on leather handmade belts and accessories. All of these were inspired by the pocket belts worn by travellers and festival goers that she had seen all around the world!
From this she then went on to creating bespoke belts to a range of clients including Jamie Oliver! Which come on is pretty awesome.

With her love of fashion she decided to focus more on the many different changes in lifestyle and how we all now take a new and improved view to safety. Bum bags and pockets belts have been around for many a year but no-one really wanted to use them as well they are a bit minging, tbh.
So she came up with these beauties and boy am I impressed! (The prices range from £15.00 to £50.00, but well worth it!)

The best part is who the belts are made by! They are made by Bhopal Rehabilitation which is an NGO group which has been set up to help people who were affected by the Bhopal gas tragedy which was an industrial disaster that took place at a Union Carbide pesticide plant in the Indian city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. At midnight on 3 December 1984, the plant released an estimated 42 tonnes of toxic methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, exposing more than 500,000 people to MIC and other chemicals. The Bhopal disaster is frequently cited as the world's worst industrial disaster with over 25,000 people having died since from gas related diseases.
This organisation operates under the Fair Trade banner which means that they must adhere to a strict set of standards which are closely monitored.

LINK: Bhopal Rehabilitation
LINK: Ethical Trading
LINK: Fairtrade

Friday, August 27, 2010

Beauty Product Find!

MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara!

I hate spending huge amounts on mascara mostly because I know in about amonths time I will have to get more and I just find it such an unnesseccary indulgence which could be used on petrol and actual useful things!
So when I took a chance on MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes mascara at £7.99 I wasn't expecting to get such a good mascara! It is brilliant, for my lashes, at the very least!
I'm very fortunate in the fact that I don't need to curl my eyelashes and they are quite long but overall I would recommend this product!

(Lol at how cross eyed I look)

MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara is a must with its big brush and good price!
Available at Superdrug :)

Oil Spill Editorial.

For the people out there who know me, they will know that I tend to go towards issues which can seem controversial in many different lights.
Today I am touching on the oil spills around the world, particulary the recent oil spills which affected the coast of many different places, namely the Gulf of Mexico.
I feel that this could be a good way in raising awareness especially as that as soon as the media has moved onto something else and released the pressure on BP they will just slow down on work if not stop.
I also have to say that I feel spending this amount of money on a shoot, which they always do; another issue, and then ship in mega-expensive clothing and models as well as countless other expenses which in the long run could have been pumped into the disaster and helped a little bit. But like I said, an issue for maybe another time!
So here are the images!
(After I will post some more information on the oil spill outrage that has been affecting a lot of people)

As much as I know this is a good step in highlighting the oil spill I feel the money could be used towards a better purpose. But it is Steven Meisel & Vogue, they don't do things by half!

The co-author of the report according to Amnesty International‘s archived documents. The report also showed that between nine million and 13 million of barrels had leaked in the five decades of oil operations. It also quoted UN figures of more than 6.800 recorded spills between 1976 and 2001. “The Nigerian Government is failing in its obligation to respect and protect the rights of the people in the Niger Delta to food, water, health and livelihood.” said Gaughan adding “Some oil companies have taken advantage of this government failure and have shown a shocking disregard for human impact of their activities.”
Nigerians did not have their government to protect them against those oil companies. They wanted to stand up for their rights. On 10.10.1995, eight peace activists, including internationally recognised Ken Soro Wiwa, were executed after being convicted. Wiwa and his colleagues were fighting for people’s right in Niger Delta which were taken away from them by Shell for more and more oil extraction in the land.

The fact that people are being executed because they are trying to help people is disgusting.
If you would like more information and to join Amnesty International then CLICK HERE! I am a member and feel they are fantastic in moving things forward in every aspect of life. Especially with these oil spills. I know for a fact that even when the media has found the next big story Amnesty Internation will still be there prodding the oil companies to pay out and recognise the problems it has caused.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrift Find!

This is my new beautiful skirt!
And only £2.95. Oh yes, PDSA in Byker is a winner!

Andddd Capes are in?!....Yesssssss.
I've owned a cape for a good 9-12 months now but I've never had enough guts to wear it in the fear I'll look a little bit Matronly compared to 'Wow, she's got a cape, that's hot' (Yes, Paris Hilton watches my style decisions) Technically this can mean I can wear my beautiful cape now, without feeling that I should be walking with my head down in utter shame!

 Can I just say it is so hard to pose in a cape!
Also thrifted :)

People Tree.

As most people will know People Tree is a company which provides fair trade clothing at a reasonable price and with pretty nice designs!
As much as I try to buy ethical clothing I either find it incredibly hard to find high street shops that stock it and if they do its not always the most exciting piece of clothing I have seen! It seems in high street shops they generally stock tees and small items which are fairtrade which in the long run isn't going to do anything. Especially in this economic climate which we are all slumped into now, that extra couple of pounds does make a difference.
 People Tree does provide different designs and they are very interesting but I also like to hold the item and try it on before buying it. I much prefer shopping in person than online! (Just found out some John Lewis' are stockists!)

A couple of years ago Emma Watson announced her involvement in the People Tree company, which I'm sure helped boost sales, but I still don't think this will make a huge impact on the bigger market!
Like myself and many others, we are ALWAYS on the look out for bargains! Being a student a bargain is like the find of the century!

Here is the video.

However after watching this video about Emma Watson in the slums I am more inclined to buy some more pieces from fairtrade shops and sites. The conditions that these people have to live in are unthinkable and make me feel incredibly selfish even contemplating saving the extra couple of pounds. But its so nice to see the work that People Tree do! I won't be able to stock my whole wardrobe in eco and fairtrade pieces but from now on I will definitely be trying more!
If you fancy looking through the whole collection here the LINK for People Tree!

Here are my favourite pieces from the new collection!
All modelled by the lovely Emma (When she had long hair, oh back in the day!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lust Fest.

I've always loved a bit of My Chemical Romance and with the new photos of Gerard Way emerging its safe to say the love is coming back!
It appears married life agrees with him (damnit)



Ahhhh new album in the fall, EXCITED.


Dainty Doll.

Nicola Roberts
(The ginger one from Girls Aloud.)

I've just read that her make up range has been released in Harrods! Woo!
I am incredibly pale and well, the sun and I just don't get along!
I think it would be okay if I didn't have relatively dark hair so I tell people I'm opting for the English Rose look!
I actually thought this range had been released before, but apparently not. Confused.. If anyone knows let me know! Thanks!

Her statement!
‘The reason behind me doing this is because I had a point of difference and that was because of the pale skin and it was something I obviously felt really passionate about.
'I was aware that there weren't many make-up brands that catered for women for extra pale skin so I feel proud that I've been the person to do it,’ 

 The Dainty Doll range includes 10 different products from eyeshadows and liners to glosses and blushes! All in various shades and colours. It ranges in price from £10 to £20 which is really good as I find it so hard to find anything to suit me!

The full collection is HERE at Harrods. Go check it!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beat Bullying & Barry M

It's always nice to see a collab which could all warm our hearts!
This one definitely falls into this category!

The Beat Bullying campaign has team up with Barry M cosmetics! Well I already love Barry M and with their 400 plus colours no-one can complain! Yes, I am a walking billboard for them...the commissin cheque should be in the post :P i kidddd.

It will all begin in November when there will be a national Anti-Bullying week spreadin throughout the country. Barry M is the kind of make-up range which I feel appeals to so many people in all different age ranges! They have so many colours, like I said before over 400, that they really will appeal to everyone and hopefully will fully aid Beat Bullying.

Here's some statements!
Emma-Jane Cross, chief executive of Beatbullying commented:
“We’re really excited to be working with Barry M, a truly innovative brand with a great heritage.
“As a charity which targets children and young people primarily, through our in-school programmes and our peer mentoring site CyberMentors, it’s really important for us to be able to reach vulnerable young people via creative brand associations as well as traditional routes, in order to ensure that any victims of bullying know they have a place to come to for advice and support.”

Dean Mero, Managing Director of Barry M added:
“We take our responsibility to our young customer base very seriously and we are proud to be spreading the anti-bullying message to them. We are really excited to be partnering with Beatbullying, as we have long admired their work with young people and cannot wait to announce our exciting plans in the near future.”
Near future, woooo. I will post as soon as I know :)! Plus they have a Robots in Disguise page, i LOVE them, win.

I really need to find their CD again, it lives in the mess. Oh dear.
Ohhh it could be in my car, hmm...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Skinny Model Debate.

My input.

Everyone has had their input into the whole models are too skinny issue so I thought I would as well. Better late than never!

I'm not overweight and I'm actually towards the lower end of my BMI, believing in BMI is another issue altogether, and I feel that if I lost any more weight that I would look a bit minging to be honest. Don't get me wrong I don't think I'm amazing but when I look at the photos of models who are taller than me and weigh less than me and it actually makes me feel a bit sick.
I'm lucky that I am around 5'8" so I'm towards the taller end of the scale which in some circumstances can bode well for me, apart from the fact all my friends think of me as a mini-giant!

On average I can find that models, especially runway models need to be around 7st-8st and around 5'9'' to a whopping and beautiful 6'. The average BMI for these heights and weights range from a shocking 13.4 to a 17. Both underweight and well a bit gross to be honest!
Another thing which is rather annoying would be the fact Madrid banned skinny models then let these girls walk down the runway! Sorry did they turn to the side, I've lost them...
The worst part being, are you ready? I wouldn't be too sure, is that Plus size models are classed size 12 and above! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!
The average size of women in the US is a 14 (lol, apparently) and the UK is a 16!
What a joke! I used to be a size 14-16 back in me ol'hay day and if someone had told me I was going towards 'plus size' clothes I would've died, being only 17/18 at the time! How awful is this! I'm so unimpressed and feel this is why so many people are developing eating disorders.
(I'm concentrating mostly on girls and women but there is a rise in male eating disorders as well.)
 This is Crystal Renn and my god she is beautiful. Absolutely stunning and reminds me of my girl crush Nigella Lawson.

Obviously, throughout the years people have put together petitions and other ways to try and combat the model's weights. This blatantly isn't working and needs to be addressed. As much as I, like many other, love a bit of ol' Karl Lagerfeld (maybe just because he looks like he should be dead but is still going) states "These are fat mummies sitting with their bags of crisps in front of the television, saying that thin models are ugly," going on to say that the fashion industry supports "dreams and illusions, and no one wants to see round women." 
Oh dear!
But, hey Jarl! If you wanna get me around to your way of thinking I'm sure a few Chanel goodies could do the trick....well y'know, gimmie a bell! oh ho ho.
Another thing which REALLY annoys me would be the fact that even though eating disorders are on the rise, obesity and people overweight is a far greater problem (again needs to be addresed, maybe another rant :P) and even though we can't make people jump on the treadmill the thought of seeing 'normal' people on the catwalk would be ever so appealing! It would show us that the fashion industry recognise that not everyone is a rake and that we can be happy in a normal sized frame. Yes, every so often people have put bigger models down the catwalk but that is only to shock and in general not a trend they continue, which they should.

This has turned into a slight rant, which I aplogise about, but I really feel this needs to be addressed. Apart from the fact I was younger and wanted to be like my friends, so I lost weight, I also felt pressure from magazines and society to be young and thin.

P.S I love Jean Paul Gaultier, he is amazing and focuses his designs around real women and shapes and continues to shock but please me in every way. By chucking every size and shape down the catwalk! :)
Jean Paul Gaultier, 2005.