Monday, August 02, 2010

My Own Personal Addiction...


For the keen-eyed people among you, you will have probably noticed that to a certain degree I love shoes. I collect shoes from all different shops and as my foot size hasn't changed since I was around 15, my collection is more than a little extensive. The 'collection' is now edging towards the higher end of the '10s and well I love them! :) As I've been browsing the shops recently I have come accross some lovely ones in Marks & Spencers as well as New Look. Back in the Day it would have been M&S to be the expensive one and New Look the lesser but it seems this has changed! Which has shocked me a little as I do feel M&S will offer a better quality in the long run but okay!

So here are my M&S faves!
And here are my fave New Look boots, I have got some wedge boots (among others from New Look and they are fairly decent quality but I feel they have got a bit £-happy when they have discovered leather and suede!)

Loveeeee but alas I am too poor!

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