Sunday, August 08, 2010

Cultural Day Out.

The Hancock Museum.

As much as I love museums, the Hancock being no exception, I always find that this one saddens me a little bit.
During the Victorian era the scientists as well as every other member of public were interested in seeing the natural world. In this quest to see all these different animals many were killed and stuffed. Taxidermy was huge!
As much as I think 'WOW, I will probably never see some of these animals in my lifetime!' I still feel sad that they have actually been stuffed.
Alas, I do let them off a little as binoculars and cameras were for a long time not in existence and when they were first coming into production not a lot of people had access so this was the best way in which everyone, rich and poor, could see these magnificant animals.
I got very few photos of Kelly and I from there but have some :)

It has to be said though when I see a cow stuffed I think awh but then when I saw the Seal cub I was like AWHHH NOOOO, cuteness has a lot to answer to!

Previously I said I didn't have a gimp face, I'm gonna take tha back now....


  1. I was almost tempted to follow a career stuffing animals...almost

  2. Any reason why you decided not to? x


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