Friday, August 27, 2010

Oil Spill Editorial.

For the people out there who know me, they will know that I tend to go towards issues which can seem controversial in many different lights.
Today I am touching on the oil spills around the world, particulary the recent oil spills which affected the coast of many different places, namely the Gulf of Mexico.
I feel that this could be a good way in raising awareness especially as that as soon as the media has moved onto something else and released the pressure on BP they will just slow down on work if not stop.
I also have to say that I feel spending this amount of money on a shoot, which they always do; another issue, and then ship in mega-expensive clothing and models as well as countless other expenses which in the long run could have been pumped into the disaster and helped a little bit. But like I said, an issue for maybe another time!
So here are the images!
(After I will post some more information on the oil spill outrage that has been affecting a lot of people)

As much as I know this is a good step in highlighting the oil spill I feel the money could be used towards a better purpose. But it is Steven Meisel & Vogue, they don't do things by half!

The co-author of the report according to Amnesty International‘s archived documents. The report also showed that between nine million and 13 million of barrels had leaked in the five decades of oil operations. It also quoted UN figures of more than 6.800 recorded spills between 1976 and 2001. “The Nigerian Government is failing in its obligation to respect and protect the rights of the people in the Niger Delta to food, water, health and livelihood.” said Gaughan adding “Some oil companies have taken advantage of this government failure and have shown a shocking disregard for human impact of their activities.”
Nigerians did not have their government to protect them against those oil companies. They wanted to stand up for their rights. On 10.10.1995, eight peace activists, including internationally recognised Ken Soro Wiwa, were executed after being convicted. Wiwa and his colleagues were fighting for people’s right in Niger Delta which were taken away from them by Shell for more and more oil extraction in the land.

The fact that people are being executed because they are trying to help people is disgusting.
If you would like more information and to join Amnesty International then CLICK HERE! I am a member and feel they are fantastic in moving things forward in every aspect of life. Especially with these oil spills. I know for a fact that even when the media has found the next big story Amnesty Internation will still be there prodding the oil companies to pay out and recognise the problems it has caused.

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