Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie Time!

Dinner for Schmucks!
(May contain spoilers...well, it does!)

A friend and I went wild last night, it being Saturday and all, instead of partying like everyone does we decided to hit the cinema!
(Saturdays are actually a really good time to hit the cinema as its real quiet!)
We originally went to see Scott Pilgram takes over the World but it didn't start until like 10, and well both of us were tired like the elderly.
So the only one on at a decent time would be Dinner for Schmucks! I could only remember seeing a trailer for it many moons again and Kelly the same, but ofc the whole Paul Rudd situation pushed her to want to see it!
It started off quite slow and with little dead mice being dressed up and being put into different scenarios, to which we later found out that it was actually memories of Barry (Steve Carrell) and his ex-wife! So sweet, even though they are dead mice!
It basically goes on for Tim (Paul Rudd) to wanting  a promotion and the only way it will happen is if Tim brings someone 'special' to this dinner that the big boss holds. The whole meeting of course is all mysterious and 'wow, this never happens!' and the underlining story isn't that great. (Like the relationship between Tim and his gf/fiancee)

BUT.. Steve Carrell is amazing! I NEVER laugh out loud at films, I can slyly snigger or flash a smile but I never laugh. However, I laughed.Out.Loud!
It was hilarious! Obviously everyones humours are different but I would recommend this film to people who like his other films and films like it!

OHHHH, I even learnt something! If someone is attacking you lay still and act dead! It's a human urge not to hit anything dead as it seems pointless! Lets just say Barry plays dead well!

The trailers available do not do it justice!

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