Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrift Find!

This is my new beautiful skirt!
And only £2.95. Oh yes, PDSA in Byker is a winner!

Andddd Capes are in?!....Yesssssss.
I've owned a cape for a good 9-12 months now but I've never had enough guts to wear it in the fear I'll look a little bit Matronly compared to 'Wow, she's got a cape, that's hot' (Yes, Paris Hilton watches my style decisions) Technically this can mean I can wear my beautiful cape now, without feeling that I should be walking with my head down in utter shame!

 Can I just say it is so hard to pose in a cape!
Also thrifted :)


  1. I am beyond ecstatic to wear my it at the end of last season so I didn't really get a chance to rock it. This's happening! I love your blog. I will be visiting! I hope you'll drop in and say hello on my blog too! How are you liking IFB thus far? Stay in touch...

  2. LOL! Wow Sophie Megan gotta say that I'm really impressed with your look!

    You could star in of those old comedies 'Carry On Doctor'

    See you soon x

  3. Jenna, I completely agree I am so excited to wear it, I just need to find some confidence somewhere! lol.

    Carry on Doctor has always been a favourite! I'm sure I could try and revive it! lol


  4. Fantastic cape! I love it! Looks great on you!

    Best, Jenny


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