Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new loot!

Everyone loves a good bargain, whether that bargain be for the poorer or the richer among us! So here are mine and golly am I pleased! (And yes, I said golly. Never done it before not sure I will again...)

 This is the scarf & brooch from the previous post! Both from Primark and well I'm impressed. The scarf is really nice quality! Scarf £4.00, Brooch £2.00.

I love over the knee socks and tend to wear a lot in the autumn/winter time! So these are real bargains and so cute! £1.50 each, Primark.

My final items from Primark! 3 pairs of tights and all in my colours! I generally wear black, brown and white the most so these will definitely fit in!   (L-R 
Denier Sand tights, £2.00, 
Denier Khaki tights, £2.00
Cotton Sand tights, £3.00)

This my friends is from the pound shop, oh yes! Now that is what you call a bargain! I love a bit of Ugly Betty just for the glasses I think!

Also I was talking to my mum the other day about purchasing a faux fur collar to go with my tweed jacket and after a few minutes rummaging in the cupboard she pulled out these beauties!
So there is a straight faux fur leopard print scarf, a faux fur leopard print cape and a brown collar! Lovin' life! She also has a dark pink sheepskin collar but she says I can't have this, mega sad!

Overall, a pretty good haul! Anyone else find any bargains of late? xx


  1. Wow you got that book from the Pound shop damn!

    I really love those socks, I mean I need some to go with my shoes. Thanks Sophie Megan Im heading straight to Primark!

  2. I did, I was so chuffed!
    The socks are lovely! They look so good on, everyone suits them as well!
    Yeah you should definitely go get some and post them up! :) xx

  3. hello sophie megan, thanks for the add on britishstylebloggers :) love this site & will add you to my blogroll when i update it next!

    AND, i LOVE those socks. something tells me it's time to hit primark soon. isn't it so awesome when your mother pulls out such beauties in the wardrobe for you? enjoy them!

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  5. Hi. I'm sorry for the last comment but I do some confusion with the post.
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    And with sure I loved your blog.

  6. No worries lovely, thankyou for the website xx

  7. Fanastic blog! It's very pretty :)

  8. Hi Sophie,

    First of all let me tell you how beautiful you are. Girl I followed you here from IFB and I am so glad I did. I love you blog and would love to stay in touch.

    How do you feel about following my posts and/ or link exchange. I promise to return the favor. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  9. Primark!! love it. It's bargain central!

    Love the Brooch and socks. May have to have a look myself soon.

    Amy xx


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