Thursday, August 26, 2010

People Tree.

As most people will know People Tree is a company which provides fair trade clothing at a reasonable price and with pretty nice designs!
As much as I try to buy ethical clothing I either find it incredibly hard to find high street shops that stock it and if they do its not always the most exciting piece of clothing I have seen! It seems in high street shops they generally stock tees and small items which are fairtrade which in the long run isn't going to do anything. Especially in this economic climate which we are all slumped into now, that extra couple of pounds does make a difference.
 People Tree does provide different designs and they are very interesting but I also like to hold the item and try it on before buying it. I much prefer shopping in person than online! (Just found out some John Lewis' are stockists!)

A couple of years ago Emma Watson announced her involvement in the People Tree company, which I'm sure helped boost sales, but I still don't think this will make a huge impact on the bigger market!
Like myself and many others, we are ALWAYS on the look out for bargains! Being a student a bargain is like the find of the century!

Here is the video.

However after watching this video about Emma Watson in the slums I am more inclined to buy some more pieces from fairtrade shops and sites. The conditions that these people have to live in are unthinkable and make me feel incredibly selfish even contemplating saving the extra couple of pounds. But its so nice to see the work that People Tree do! I won't be able to stock my whole wardrobe in eco and fairtrade pieces but from now on I will definitely be trying more!
If you fancy looking through the whole collection here the LINK for People Tree!

Here are my favourite pieces from the new collection!
All modelled by the lovely Emma (When she had long hair, oh back in the day!)

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