Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dainty Doll.

Nicola Roberts
(The ginger one from Girls Aloud.)

I've just read that her make up range has been released in Harrods! Woo!
I am incredibly pale and well, the sun and I just don't get along!
I think it would be okay if I didn't have relatively dark hair so I tell people I'm opting for the English Rose look!
I actually thought this range had been released before, but apparently not. Confused.. If anyone knows let me know! Thanks!

Her statement!
‘The reason behind me doing this is because I had a point of difference and that was because of the pale skin and it was something I obviously felt really passionate about.
'I was aware that there weren't many make-up brands that catered for women for extra pale skin so I feel proud that I've been the person to do it,’ 

 The Dainty Doll range includes 10 different products from eyeshadows and liners to glosses and blushes! All in various shades and colours. It ranges in price from £10 to £20 which is really good as I find it so hard to find anything to suit me!

The full collection is HERE at Harrods. Go check it!


  1. Will definitely check it out :D
    X EnvySplendour

  2. You should, it looks amazing! I will post an update when I have tried the makeup! xx


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