Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life Through A Lens.

Heres another outfit from placement. Again, I'm going for smart casual but would say I'm bordering more on the smart. However, I find it easier to be this way...means I'm never under-dressed.
(outfit:Belt&black top, Matalan. Grey chiffon-esque shirt, Primark. Navy skirt, Zara kids. Crown ring, New Look)
It has to be said, I love this mobile blogging lark. Currently I am lounging watching Beerfest, worra' film!
This cute little cat is Molly and belongs to the boy's mum. She looks cute but us deadly, fact!
Well off shopping soon as I need yet more placement clothes! Hope everyone has a equally calm and happy Sunday! :) xx

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Placement Professional.

Well semi-professional. 
Today, I started placement and I loved it. Totally thrown into the deep end but none the less loveeeeddd it!
This is just a quick post as I have like a bajillion policies and procedures to read as well as the mountain of work I need to do. Oh the joys!

 (Jumper, H&M. Skirt, Zara Kids. Black top, Matalan.)

I really like this skirt, however it is not a windy-day skirt!
As I found out in the worst way.....xx

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shopping Spree!

Here are just some of my goodies from yesterday! We have some gorgeous earrings as well as new Russian Dolls keyholders from Dorothy Perkins, Purple notebook from Paperchase which was only £2 (so I got two :) lol) and my new Casette iPhone case. Good haul, no? Also I'm blogging from my phone, told y'all I would try! xx

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I must apologise...

...for completely neglecting my blog and my tumblr! Boy, do I suck right now. I've just been out more than in recently and so haven't had the oppurtunity mostly. I tried blogging on my phone but got annoyed at the typing, so again I apologise. I should really just stick it out. I have take a few photos from this week, not enough and I really need to move my camera app to the main page so that I will take more photos.
Never the less, have some photos :)

Can I just say, Mulberry you have let me down. Good and proper son. I mean, highlighter pink?! Righto. Gosh.

These little black dresses, from H&M, are my main wardrobe EVER. I totally recommend everyone getting some as they are completely versatile. and so easy to work with!
(Mac, Primark. Salmon top, Kookai. Scarf, Cannot remember! Black dress,H&M.)

Last week was the busiest week ever! I started back at Uni and instead of easing us in gently I was in every day at 9. Oh the joys! So, coffee was definitely the top of the agenda!
(Coffee, a bit gross. Filofax&notebooks, Paperchase)

Outfit #2
This was taken while I ws waiting for a friend in Mango, I have bought too much stuff today and feel guilty already! However, I did purchase some lovely placement pants from Zara and New Look, as well as some other goodies! I will take some photos and upload tomorrow....hopefully. Again, I'm rocking the simple H&M dress. Yeah, I have like 5 of them...
(Black dress, H&M. Grey top, Kookai. Bag, French Connection. Detailed blazer, Idol for New Look. Scarf, Peacocks. Shoes, Primark.)

Overall a very successful shopping trip! A lot of bargains but lovely day! Now to do a large amount of paperwork in prepartion for placement and all of mty deadlines after! Oh the joys of uni :) xx

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I need want this bag so badly!
You can get this bag and more goodies from here, Urban Outfitters.
It's a perfect weekend bag. Someone buy it for me, cheers :) xx

Thursday, January 06, 2011

I love it when...

...I get new stationery! I have a small love, which most of you wil already know, and it's only getting worse!
I would love to say these new notebooks were needed but they're not. Well one is, but two is just greedy. Buttttt, they do match my collection and will allow one of my tutors to continue talking way too much.
(Notebooks from Paperchase)
 Again, they are like my other notebooks, so much so they follow the same retro/vintage theme as well as sporting a plastic cover which is just sooooo good when you're like me and tend to spill things within my bag,
         I haven't been able to shop much in the sales due to my increasing hatred of crowds and bustling-sale-finding people. They have the 'bargain' on the mind and no-one, and I mean no-one, will get in their way. So in general, I tend to just try and stay away. Saying this I have braved it a few times to only emerge with some awesome goodies!
( (Necklace, New Look, £2. Shoes, Primark, £8. Tassle belt, H&M, £2. Navy wool skirt, Zara Kids, £12)

I really fancy going shopping but think I should probably save my money so that I can afford to live this year! Even though I have fallen in love with a £249 bag....xx