Thursday, January 20, 2011

I must apologise...

...for completely neglecting my blog and my tumblr! Boy, do I suck right now. I've just been out more than in recently and so haven't had the oppurtunity mostly. I tried blogging on my phone but got annoyed at the typing, so again I apologise. I should really just stick it out. I have take a few photos from this week, not enough and I really need to move my camera app to the main page so that I will take more photos.
Never the less, have some photos :)

Can I just say, Mulberry you have let me down. Good and proper son. I mean, highlighter pink?! Righto. Gosh.

These little black dresses, from H&M, are my main wardrobe EVER. I totally recommend everyone getting some as they are completely versatile. and so easy to work with!
(Mac, Primark. Salmon top, Kookai. Scarf, Cannot remember! Black dress,H&M.)

Last week was the busiest week ever! I started back at Uni and instead of easing us in gently I was in every day at 9. Oh the joys! So, coffee was definitely the top of the agenda!
(Coffee, a bit gross. Filofax&notebooks, Paperchase)

Outfit #2
This was taken while I ws waiting for a friend in Mango, I have bought too much stuff today and feel guilty already! However, I did purchase some lovely placement pants from Zara and New Look, as well as some other goodies! I will take some photos and upload tomorrow....hopefully. Again, I'm rocking the simple H&M dress. Yeah, I have like 5 of them...
(Black dress, H&M. Grey top, Kookai. Bag, French Connection. Detailed blazer, Idol for New Look. Scarf, Peacocks. Shoes, Primark.)

Overall a very successful shopping trip! A lot of bargains but lovely day! Now to do a large amount of paperwork in prepartion for placement and all of mty deadlines after! Oh the joys of uni :) xx

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