Thursday, January 06, 2011

I love it when...

...I get new stationery! I have a small love, which most of you wil already know, and it's only getting worse!
I would love to say these new notebooks were needed but they're not. Well one is, but two is just greedy. Buttttt, they do match my collection and will allow one of my tutors to continue talking way too much.
(Notebooks from Paperchase)
 Again, they are like my other notebooks, so much so they follow the same retro/vintage theme as well as sporting a plastic cover which is just sooooo good when you're like me and tend to spill things within my bag,
         I haven't been able to shop much in the sales due to my increasing hatred of crowds and bustling-sale-finding people. They have the 'bargain' on the mind and no-one, and I mean no-one, will get in their way. So in general, I tend to just try and stay away. Saying this I have braved it a few times to only emerge with some awesome goodies!
( (Necklace, New Look, £2. Shoes, Primark, £8. Tassle belt, H&M, £2. Navy wool skirt, Zara Kids, £12)

I really fancy going shopping but think I should probably save my money so that I can afford to live this year! Even though I have fallen in love with a £249 bag....xx


  1. Love your new look blog. You got some great finds! Generally I don't bother with sales either, they are too much hassle. xx

  2. Very cute notebook/stationery! I do love those shoes! That's quite a Happy New Year goodie bag! :)

  3. I love your blog it's really cute :)
    Following you now :) Check out mine some time!


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