Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Total Insanity!

What the helllllll?!
Seriously, if someone can explain these ugly, vile creatures to me I would very much appreciate it.
The only good point I can see is that it's a knock back to childhood when we used to play with lego or similar construction toys. However I never built shoes, maybe I was deprived.....
Just URGH!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Would you believe?!

I have just finished watching Gok Wan's Fashion Fix (Sundays are generally my catch up on any lost tv day) and I was suddenly intrigued to where his co-host Brix Smith-Start came from, what was her background etc.
So ofc, google being the god it is has told me she used a part in the Post-Punk movement!
Would you believe?! That the little prim, ever so slightly OTT,
Brix used to be a punk!
And in the Fall!
I know, I know hard to believe but looksies!
(Great shot of a guys bald spot toooo!)
But yes, this blew my mind! As well as the Fall she also was the lead singer of The Adult Net! (Not my kinda thing but still!)
What a liffffffe! Kinda talented, slightly annoying, and rich! I would like this minus the annoying part, blates.

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Your dead fad is a disaster...

...Your fashion is my fucking cancer"

Sooo the other day I was watching the Day to Remember DVD and well Dallas Green (personal heart throb, maybe just because of his amazing voice!) came on and guess what he has MY GLASSES ON! Wellll, maybe not my glasses but pretty damn similar! This is just to prove they aren't granny glasses or NHS prescription glasses! (thank you Steven!)

I actually a shirt pretty similar to him! Weird! 
(Sorry about bad quality pic I had to use my webcam, booo)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here we are Juggernaut!

"No this is not your playground, 
it's my... heart!"

So yesterday, that time came again when I would once more be in the presence of one my all time favourite bands, Coheed and Cambria! They always deliver and well I just pure love them! It was a bit of a hassle to get the tickets it has to be said as I had ordered them as soon as I had recieved the email to only realise on the day (I know I should have realised earlier) that the tickets had not arrived! So panicked and with very little time I  tried ringing the O2 academy, and then tried to log in to every ticket website going as fortunately my email had been hacked a few weeks earlier in which everything was deleted! Which of course only added to the ever increasing amount of drama surrounding this! 
 So, Kelly and I decided to go through to town early to try and sort out the problem to only be told, 3 hours later, by the bank that the tickets had been refunded to me but I had not been told! Not Amused!!! Luckily a friend had two spare tickets and I was able to purchase them which made my day :D Anyway, the gig was amazing! Apart from the support band called 'These Monsters' who we saw getting high outside to only come out on stage and be utterly terrible. Maybe in their head they were awesome as the only understandable line they said throughout their entire set was  "WE ARE SO TOTALLY HAMMERED!" oh the joys! I wasn't able to get any photos as through all the commotion I forgot my camera *super sad face!* But heres a photo anyway!  
Another awesome time of yesterday was the beautiful skinny Ginger Muffin and Mocha Light Frappucino that Kelly and I got from Starbucks! In general I prefer Costa as I like their blend of coffee better but I have to agree this was yummy!  (This muffin is demolished, I got toooo excited!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I know I've just posted but all my posts which I would have posted have been stored up and are all tumbling out now!
So a continuation of what has happened in the previous post!

As well as being given the Singer sewing machine I was also given a beautiful vintage frame which is well just gorgeous, at the moment my plan is just to hang it with nothing in the frame to make my chimney breast to become a feature wall, more so than now. I feel in time to come I may get a piece of mirror cut and placed into it as it would be beautiful!

I love it when my Mum buys flowers inas they just remind me of spring and summer (as our seasons seem to just mix together now!) and well we have loads of flowers dotted around the house as well as two gorgeous pink poppies in the garden, loveeee!

Lastly, here is my lovely puppy. He is quite old now, near 10 months! Well old compared to 9 weeks! I loves him more than summer.

I think I'm finished now and I'm posted out better get ready for more fun times and ofc to top it off toooooo much to eat! I love it! nom.

Hey Kids!

I've been back from Download for over a week now and it's been so hectic!
The weather has been delicous and every day has been a mini-adventure. I really need to start taking my camera out more, which will be resolved today, even though I don't feel I will get many taken!

Download was amazing! The weather the first couple of days was a bit dire and from that the happiness diminished but come Friday and lo and behold, the sun came out! Many smiles came with it, I can assure you. The bands were amazing and I throughly enjoyed it apart from being waken up to Justin Beiber's teenie weenie? song! What a loser start to the day! Well Justin Beiber plus the copious amounts of planes landing a mere mile away from our tent! (Photo being of Jared the God from 30 Seconds to Mars; he's beautiful but can't sing live. Disappointed but still pretty to look at! Apart from the budgie haircut)

Since I've been back I've caught up with all the washing and other things that need to be done when returning from a trip as well as being out practically every day just because!
When I am at home my life focuses around the Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls and toast. Oh what a life, not even a joke!

Oooooo exciting news! I have been given an old Singer Sewing machine which I just adore. I loved it anyway but then I found out it was ELECTRIC and well I've been making everthing ever needed! Even if I don't need it. I have a modern sewing machine as well but using the old Singer makes me feel a big antique-y and just well, its beautiful!

As well as this my Mother asked me to return a dodgy router to a store in Team Valley and well for some reason they gave me cash, so even though it wasn't my money and I know it's wrong, I became super excited and hit TK Maxx, naughty I know but I loveeeee it! I got a new French Connection top and a straw basket (to replace mine that I broke about 3 years ago! a bit late but still!) I decided to make a cover for the straw bag to keep prying eyes and hands from forming attachments with my belongings! It's beautiful and I loves it! (Bag TK Maxx, Material Laura Ashley)

 So overall, even though I've been near silent I've had a wonderful time and a fab start to the summer!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

I wants to be Nigella, please?!

As I look at my diet I have come to realise it's actually APPALLING! (I had to type that four times and then google it as it just did not look right!)

I live off toast, that is pretty much it. Not that nice, not that nutricious but beautifully quick and easy to do. Whether it be for snack or a meal! I actually love toast. Too much probably!

But the variations are endless:
Oh yes, I said 335 ways! Woooo.

Even though the possibilites are indeed pretty much endless I feel I need to expand as well, I am now 21 and need to learn these things (I think!) So I am going to purchase a cooking book but not just any cooking book! Oh no no no, a Nigella Lawson cooking book! Her recipies always look delicious and easy as well as ALWAYS adding a pinch of sexiness to the recipe! I guess this could be seen as my mid-year resolution, even though the last batch went down as well....my cooking!

[Photos from Times Online] 
I would like to be Nigella please.

April Showers in June?!

So today is Sunday
Sunday the 6th of June
In three days time I will be sitting in a car heading off to the legendary monsters of rock/donnington and more commonly known now as Download Festival!
I am very excited for this but what the hell is happening with the weather?!
I am officially cold blooded, like a lizard or snake, I find it incredibly difficult to warm up and when I do my temperature can drop immediately if I even walk into the shade!
On the other hand, I wouldn't say I was a sun worshipper as I burn soooo easily!
So as you can see Summer is a difficult time for me, wahhh. Ho hum.

Anywayyyy, back to the topic!
As much as I am looking forward to pile loads of win music and being with friends and probably eating as well as drinking excessively I really feel it would be more exciting without the rain!
(The current scene from my bedroom window!)
So when this is finished you will find me in my grey and miserable garden doing a sun dance!
I may not be topless when I do it though!