Sunday, June 06, 2010

I wants to be Nigella, please?!

As I look at my diet I have come to realise it's actually APPALLING! (I had to type that four times and then google it as it just did not look right!)

I live off toast, that is pretty much it. Not that nice, not that nutricious but beautifully quick and easy to do. Whether it be for snack or a meal! I actually love toast. Too much probably!

But the variations are endless:
Oh yes, I said 335 ways! Woooo.

Even though the possibilites are indeed pretty much endless I feel I need to expand as well, I am now 21 and need to learn these things (I think!) So I am going to purchase a cooking book but not just any cooking book! Oh no no no, a Nigella Lawson cooking book! Her recipies always look delicious and easy as well as ALWAYS adding a pinch of sexiness to the recipe! I guess this could be seen as my mid-year resolution, even though the last batch went down as cooking!

[Photos from Times Online] 
I would like to be Nigella please.

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