Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I know I've just posted but all my posts which I would have posted have been stored up and are all tumbling out now!
So a continuation of what has happened in the previous post!

As well as being given the Singer sewing machine I was also given a beautiful vintage frame which is well just gorgeous, at the moment my plan is just to hang it with nothing in the frame to make my chimney breast to become a feature wall, more so than now. I feel in time to come I may get a piece of mirror cut and placed into it as it would be beautiful!

I love it when my Mum buys flowers inas they just remind me of spring and summer (as our seasons seem to just mix together now!) and well we have loads of flowers dotted around the house as well as two gorgeous pink poppies in the garden, loveeee!

Lastly, here is my lovely puppy. He is quite old now, near 10 months! Well old compared to 9 weeks! I loves him more than summer.

I think I'm finished now and I'm posted out better get ready for more fun times and ofc to top it off toooooo much to eat! I love it! nom.

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