Sunday, June 06, 2010

April Showers in June?!

So today is Sunday
Sunday the 6th of June
In three days time I will be sitting in a car heading off to the legendary monsters of rock/donnington and more commonly known now as Download Festival!
I am very excited for this but what the hell is happening with the weather?!
I am officially cold blooded, like a lizard or snake, I find it incredibly difficult to warm up and when I do my temperature can drop immediately if I even walk into the shade!
On the other hand, I wouldn't say I was a sun worshipper as I burn soooo easily!
So as you can see Summer is a difficult time for me, wahhh. Ho hum.

Anywayyyy, back to the topic!
As much as I am looking forward to pile loads of win music and being with friends and probably eating as well as drinking excessively I really feel it would be more exciting without the rain!
(The current scene from my bedroom window!)
So when this is finished you will find me in my grey and miserable garden doing a sun dance!
I may not be topless when I do it though!

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