About Me.

Sophie Megan
22 years
Newcastle, UK

Student, procrastinator, lover and friend. 
Deer-eyed and lion-hearted.
I love my life, my mum, my boy&iPhoneography.
Currently studying Social Work in the North East.

I covet homeware, comics, bag and shoes.
I always seem to be poor and without funds, I blame living life to the full for this.
I spend all my money on gigs, music and items which I cannot afford.
I love to write about my adventures and items which I would love to own.
I tend to like too many things and in turn find it hard to continue the original idea*

I would love to say I'm more interesting but I am who I am and this is me and my blog.
Enjoy, xx

*See the amount of topics to the right; it shows my constant itch to find new items to follow and like.