Sunday, February 21, 2010

Technologically Savvy

 So it has been decided that I need a new laptop
even though my current one has all the top specifications of:                                     
  • a 7 minute battery life
  • the ability to turn itself off when on charge
  • a plug in USB keyboard (as mine had a nasty encounter with coffee)
and finally,
  • its wonderful ability to just start playing music when I'm not even close to it. 
(A photo of my current laptop obviously, without the addititional USB keyboard. It really sets it off.)

    I understand that everyone wants the qualities I've listed above but I've decided I could do better.... Just 
    As much I want to be able to say I understand the technical lingo, I just don't. 
    I don't know many people who do!
    So I decided to browse the internet, didn't really work out as now I want 3 bags, and look at all these review website things.

    I have encountered a fair few problems, beginning with do I want a laptop or netbook.
    HMMMM, I just don't know!
    People say both do the job, but do theyyyy, do they reallly!
    Hmm, netbooks are just so much prettier and smaller and cuuuuuuute!

    This little beauty is the Samsung N150, which has like 9 hours battery life, so only a little matter of 8hours 53minutes difference between mine and this! :) Which, I know, doesn't seem like a lot, but may just help when I want it to be moveable.

    I have absolutely no idea, and basically this post is my plea to the world!
    Someone help me! I need a new laptop/netbook but which one?!

    I have been looking at Dell, mainly just because of the range of colours, but there has been controversy surrounding the battery and mousemat/finger doofah/thing. I just wanted a Sky Blue one, I'm not gonna lie.

    Sooooo, if ANYONE can help, I would very much appreciate it!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    We are loonies, and we are proud!

    Takin' Over the Asylum

    Is actually an awesome series.
    My mum said I would enjoy it but I just wasn't in the mood, but then i discovered it had a young David Tennant in so ofc, that changed my mind!
    Its actually mint, it really highlights how the system has changed and I fully recommend it to everyone! 
    Ohhh and its got the guy from Taggart-Taggart :D

    Life on Mars
    Oh! and I also feel everyone should watch 'Life on Mars'
    The one-liners from Gene Hunt cracks me up everytime.
    Or 'Huntisms' as they are called!

    "She's as nervous as a very small nun at a penguin shoot"

    "The Wizard will sort it out. It's cos of the wonderful things he does." 

    "As fake as a tranny's fanny"

    Ahhh, I dare say ;)

    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    I have had a holiday, and I'd like to take it up professionally.

    I've decided I want to go away. Even for a long weekend.
    I have plans to go to Glasgow with my besty for a gig in April for my Birthday
    and then go to Download Festival in June but apart from that there is nothing!

    I havent been on holiday in such a long time and feel I may be slightly deserving! haha.
    Sooooo, I've decided to shortlist places then people can fit in with meeee if they want to come!



    New York.     


    Hello Beauty!

    Factually need one of these. Carpet bags have always been a sort of fascination for me,
    maybe just because of the marvellous 
    Mary Poppins
    and her ability to pull lamps out of hers!

    Alas, this bad boy would set me back around £215.00
    and well i seem to have lost my credit card.
    wahhh, soooo its my birthday soon, any takers?! :D

    Drink Up! Beer Could Be Good For You!

    I haven't been on here recently and I don't have a good reason why not tbh.
    Butttt, it has highlighted the fact that I give up on things too easily and it should be addressed!


    Soooooo, nothing exciting has happened as of late, my life is pretty much the same, 
    a few differences, one which I will always hope to change. 

     Anywhoooo, back to the title of the post!
    It has been said that a pint a day could keep the Doctor away!
    Researchers reckon its good for the bones!
    (Well only the ales that have some chemical-nutrient-healthy-doodah thing in!)

    Hops comes out on Tops!

    Righhhhttt, I do believe you'll find me in the pub
    I could learn to like beer/ale!
    Afterall, its goos for me bones! innit!