Sunday, February 14, 2010

Drink Up! Beer Could Be Good For You!

I haven't been on here recently and I don't have a good reason why not tbh.
Butttt, it has highlighted the fact that I give up on things too easily and it should be addressed!


Soooooo, nothing exciting has happened as of late, my life is pretty much the same, 
a few differences, one which I will always hope to change. 

 Anywhoooo, back to the title of the post!
It has been said that a pint a day could keep the Doctor away!
Researchers reckon its good for the bones!
(Well only the ales that have some chemical-nutrient-healthy-doodah thing in!)

Hops comes out on Tops!

Righhhhttt, I do believe you'll find me in the pub
I could learn to like beer/ale!
Afterall, its goos for me bones! innit!

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