Monday, March 21, 2011


And my gosh am I excited! Not as excited as some people I know who have casually decided to now officially adopt shorts until winter but hey ho, each to their own. I have been completely missing in action regarding blogging and I apologise. I just have a hell of a lot of work to do on top of my normal routine; we only had 5 weeks of uni in between two placements. I love placement though and cannot wait to find out when my next one is!
Even though I have decided against the shorts, I am so excited for some warmer weather; the weather has been lovely here lately. I have been out and about and not feeling freezing, which of course is what I need!  Here are some photos from my last week; Rupert my puppy, how lovely the weather has been and an essay that is currently in progress! xx

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blood Brothers.

Blood Brothers is one of my all time favourite musicals. It's up there with 'RENT', 'We Will Rock You' as well as many others. (RENT will always be my all time favourite and I throughly recommend it to everyone!)
Last night, I was lucky enough to see Blood Brothers yet again with my Mum and yet again it was amazing. I have seen this musical countless times and, luckily, I have seen one of the main characters called Mickey, played by the same actor who is amazing! Every time I have been it has been a different mother, Mrs Johnston, but last night was by far my favourite (Sorry the Nolan sisters!). Suprisingly she was actually a finalist in X Factor back in the day but didn't win it because she didn't have the commercial presence behind it. Personally I'm glad she didn't win as she was fab! I'm not entirely sure how many dates are left at Newcastle, or if any tickets are left, but I feel if there is everyone should go!
(photo source) 
One of the reasons I love this musical so much is part of the story is about the childhood side of their lives but instead of getting children in the adults act like children and Micky is the blatantly amazing at this. I have seen this particular Micky (below) in every production I have been to see and I can see why they keep him on, he has made the part his own. Obviously I won't give the entire plot away but its set within a working class town in which a Mother has been left by her husband while she has a bunch of kids and twins on the way; following this the rich women who Mrs Johnston works for cannot have babies and forces Mrs J into letting her adopt one of the twins. It is said that if a twin is to find out he was one of a pair that when they discover this they will die and well, whos to say! You better go watch it to find out! xx

Music Box.


 Recently my life has been revolving around music and going out. A rock n' roll lifestyle perhaps? Ahh I wish! However lately has been such fun! Like I've already posted, I have been to Manchester to see Destroy Rebuild... well, I've been to see them again! This time in my hometown of Newcastle, again we got to meet them, this time because Adam won a meet&greet, and again they were lovely.
This time Adam, Terry, Lawson, Abbi and I hit a local bar beforehand for a few beverages in which I have found the most delicious beers known to man! I'm not even a fan of beer but these Raspberry and Cherry alternatives are definately something everyone should try! 

I currently have many plans for all different things so I am planning them one by one! I like having things to look forward to! xx

P.S I feel as I have been lacking in posts recently, mainly because I'm back at uni today, I feel I will whip some out today :)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Day Trip Out.

I've just got back from Manchester. Adam and I were there to go and see a band called Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (aka, D.R.U.G.S. No they do not do them)
And well what I can say?! One of the best gigs I have ever been too! And how pretty is Manchester, such a lovely place. Adam has promised to take me back for a weekend of shopping which would be nice :) Anyway photos can say it better than me plus I'm proper knackered! xx

(Adam and York. Old buildings in Manchester. MAC Wonder Women decoration for Selfridges and a comic book store we found. Paperchase and an old town square. The sky finally cheering up and a little area we found to sit and relax in. The old college and an old shop which had charm!:) )