Monday, March 21, 2011


And my gosh am I excited! Not as excited as some people I know who have casually decided to now officially adopt shorts until winter but hey ho, each to their own. I have been completely missing in action regarding blogging and I apologise. I just have a hell of a lot of work to do on top of my normal routine; we only had 5 weeks of uni in between two placements. I love placement though and cannot wait to find out when my next one is!
Even though I have decided against the shorts, I am so excited for some warmer weather; the weather has been lovely here lately. I have been out and about and not feeling freezing, which of course is what I need!  Here are some photos from my last week; Rupert my puppy, how lovely the weather has been and an essay that is currently in progress! xx


  1. I was wondering where you had got to :) l noticed a few twats on silly clothing too. Err its still under 15 degrees! I love your cute dog x

  2. Yeah it's definitely this country's claim to fame; as soon as the sun is out so is the skin! Yeah sorry I've been MIA lately, just well busy. Haven't even been reading blogs however I've found this nifty app for my phone which allows me to put my favourite blogs into an RSS feed, which your blog will definitely be a part of!

    And thanks, rupert is well cute! Love my pup xx


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