Friday, March 11, 2011

Music Box.


 Recently my life has been revolving around music and going out. A rock n' roll lifestyle perhaps? Ahh I wish! However lately has been such fun! Like I've already posted, I have been to Manchester to see Destroy Rebuild... well, I've been to see them again! This time in my hometown of Newcastle, again we got to meet them, this time because Adam won a meet&greet, and again they were lovely.
This time Adam, Terry, Lawson, Abbi and I hit a local bar beforehand for a few beverages in which I have found the most delicious beers known to man! I'm not even a fan of beer but these Raspberry and Cherry alternatives are definately something everyone should try! 

I currently have many plans for all different things so I am planning them one by one! I like having things to look forward to! xx

P.S I feel as I have been lacking in posts recently, mainly because I'm back at uni today, I feel I will whip some out today :)

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