Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can you still feel the butterflies?

If anyone follows me on twitter then you'll know that I have just returned from London!
Adam and I went down there to see one of my all time favourite bands, Jimmy Eat World. I have always loved them and when they announced they would be playing two albums in full I was mightily excited! Intially I thought we had missed out on the chance to see them however Adam suprised me with two tickets :)

 (The view from our hotel in Wembley; a stones throw away from the stadium. Photos from the gig. Adam and I being us :) haha.)

I do like London, however I could never live there with all the hectic hustle and bustle. As I am originally from a small close-knit mining village I feel that Newcastle is big enough for me; well for now anyway. I generally take loads of photos but due to the first day of summer, which turned out to be the wettest day I have encountered in a long time, I wasn't able to take many photos in fear of destroying my phone or camera! I would like to go back soon though. xx

Here's a video to set y'all on your way! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Suki Tea.

Today my Mum and I went into Newcastle for a bit of a look around and we popped into Esquires and now I have a new love. They have this delightful tea brand called Suki Tea and my gosh its actually delicious. I don't like earl grey or 'normal' tea however I do like herbal tea and today I have discovered one of the best teas around and something that I NEED to invest in, right away. Suki Tea is all fairtrade and comes in a huge selection such as green tea, peppermint, red berry and my favourite 'apple loves mint' and loads more, yummy!

The little teapot has a special insert that allows the loose tea to be placed and the little board is standard for Suki Tea. I actually love this concept and I am saving up so I can get my own set.

 I need a Suki teapot in my life with some 'apple loves mint' loose tea. If you're interested in Suki Tea, CLICK HERE! xx

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Bee.

I have just got back from Download and now I'm getting ready to jet off to London! I'm sorry I haven't been around but y'know busy, busy bee! While at Download I saw so many differenty styles of Dr. Martens and it reminded me of why I love them so much! I used to own a couple of pairs (which my Mum has stolen now; yeah she's actually majorlly cool like that) and I miss them! Maybe not the perfect summer boot but I do feel like I will get some new ones soon! Here is a selection of some of my favourites which are out at the minute! x

Dr Martens

Also at the minute the site has 15% off all styles! Go grab 'em x