Saturday, October 01, 2011

Indian Summer.

If you're from the UK, you will be doing one of two things at the moment;
1. Wearing too little
2. Complaining about how hot it is.
I am, unfortunately, a person of the latter option. I have moved out of my home and only brought my 'winter woolies' so now I am too warm! As I'm typing this the weather looks a bit awful at the moment, but I am expecting it to either pick up dramatically or walk out the front door and be hit with the warmth of this unusual October day. Again, I have been away from blogging for a while and again, I have no solid reason to why this is. I am considering taking some time out as I am lost for ideas at the moment as well as having too much on in my life to pay enough attention to this blog. It's sad, I know, but I'm living in shared accommodation (where everything is always going on) and when I'm not in, I'm at university or with Adam.

From writing this, I have decided to take at least 4 weeks out from blogging as I have been constantly rubbish at blogging and maybe I will be able to come up with some new ideas and feel passionate about doing this again. If nothing else, I will come back with a stack of photos that I will spam you all with!

You can follow me on some other places that I, occasionally, play on:

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I will talk to you soon, my gorgeous people! xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I love stationery, I bet you're shocked as I never mention this!
So again, I have gone all out for my new uni books, last year I just had paperchase notebooks which you can see here, and now again I've gone for paperchase notebooks but I have covered them.

(Click to enlarge)
I have always been a slight nerd what with Zelda and other various activities but lately I have been reading more and more comics and I thought I would go with this theme and cover all my notebooks with comic pages.
Anyone else starting back at uni soon? xx

Monday, September 12, 2011

Late Night Check-In

Just a quick message. Life is busy! University starts again very soon and I have a fair amount of work to do before going back. I can't wait to get back into a routine and actually do things as well as seeing my friends on a daily basis! The new house is going well, it turns out I'm obsessively clean and I am constantly cleaning- a shock to me and others! I will post a proper post in the next few days but I've just discovered this new blogger app so thought I would try it out!

Sleep well, good night! xx

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Good Morning!

Sorry I've been away from the blog for so long, but I'm finally moved in and. sort of, settled! It has been quite a hassle with sky and internet but they are working now and here I am! My life isn't very exciting at the moment as I am trying to finish all my university work as well as getting ready for yet another year of study!

Kate, Rosie and I, at Leeds Festical, my lovely bunny slippers.
My room which looks rather dull in these photos, I will take better photos when I find my camera/camera cable!

I hope you're all well and I will return to blogging on a regular basis very soon! xx

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Home&Antiques magazine is lovely anyway but once I saw the cover for a Vintage inspired issue, I began to covet it immediately!
It has some lovely pieces in which I would like to share with you now! Like I've said before, my life at the minute is focusing around homeware and making my new place as comfortable as possible so this issue helps massively!

(Click to enlarge)

I absolutely adore the 50's look however I feel that for me that a darker palette is better at the moment. However, I know for a fact that when I find a place to settle down in I will focus on styles like the above to create a warm and friendly home. xx

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Urban Outfitters.

I have known for a while about Urban Outfitters doing homeware but I have never looked into it properly. However with my heightened interest into homeware for my move I have been looking everywhere and my, oh my Urban Outfitters have a wide range of items that I like and want!

Everyone should go and check out their full range at their website or if you're lucky enough at their stores! xx


My life has been full of change as of late. I am preparing to move into my own little home come September as well as preparing for another year at University! Mostly I have been shopping for items for my new home as well as catching up on reading and meeting with friends! I've had a lovely time and here are some photos of what I have been upto, I promise to write a proper post later on today but I am just fitting this in around cleaning/washing and washing up!

From Top:
Claire and I having a fun day out at the Discovery Museum, cos we're cool like this.
My leopard print top from Triple S (years ago) and a belt from Matalan.
Two gorgeous rings both featuring turquoise. The first is from my mum and the second is a friendship ring from Abbi.
Claire and I again in the Discovery Museum.
Lastly, Adam and I messing around in the Apple store while waiting for a replacement phone for him.

 I've had so much fun receently, I hope you're all having a nice time as well :) xx

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cath Kidston - Autumn Collection

I don't know any girl who doesn't like Cath Kidston and I feel that the new Autumn Collection is as perfect as ever.

(British Birds bag, £68.00. British Birds umbrella, £30.00. Blue Floral dress, £95.00. Red Bow Front dress, £95.00)
I love all of these pieces, especially the blue floral dress and the black British Birds bag. I really want these items and I am thinking about how I can manage to afford them!
Ho hum! I need money and/or a job! See more of the collection at the Cath Kidston website.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Labelling Hearts

Within Homes and Antiques magazine I saw an idea which I completely loved and in my poor student state I decided to try and recreate it. The idea was to have little wooden plaques stating what was within a storage box. So here is my interpretation!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Brollies.

It appears that summer has left the UK and that we have now been plunged into an early Autumn/Winter in terms of weather. I don't mind colder weather but I absolutely detest rain, I find it utterly annoying. Currently it is constantly raining and I feel like a drowned rat on a daily basis, which is tremendous fun. I am lucky enough though to have a lovely summer umbrella in which I feel everyone should have.

 My mum gave me this Monet umbrella which is lovely, she has one aswell but a different design, and I love it. People always look at it because its so lovely and I feel it slightly cheers me up in this weather.
So here are some other lovely umbrellas which are available at the minute, they are all from Brollies Galore.

I am off into the rain soon to meet Adam from work and go to the cinema to see Bridesmaids which I hear is hilarious, which I hope it is! I will be sure to take my Monet umbrella in the hope it can cheer me up!

However, this morning (when the weather was less worse) I decided to walk to Shields Road to have a look at the charity shops and I can tell you I was not impressed with the weather even when I had my trusty brolly!

 (Brolly, Monet. Top, G21, Scarf H&M. Face, not impressed)

Hope everyone is having fun and keeping dry! xx

Yummy food.

A couple of posts back I mentioned the chicken noodle soup which I had made, I've now decided to share my secrets with you! My recipe has a lot more ingredients than some others, however I feel that this mix is delicious and worth the extra ingredients!

I hope you try and enjoy this recipe! Adam, who hates vegetables, even eats this soup so I must be doing something right! xx

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rucksack Tuesday.

Following the vintage theme from the bicycles, I have decided to explore the rucksacks which would go perfectly with them! Rucksacks seem to be making a comeback and I completely understand why as they seem so handy and useful!

However as I am a penniless student, I am going to show a wide range of prices; the cheaper prices for me and the more expensive for people who can actually afford life! :)

I've actually been loving this cheap rucksack for a while now! So when I can justify it (yes, I know it's not a lot) I will buy it! xx

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bicycle Lust: BEG Bicycles.

I have a bike, a perfectly fine bike, however it's not one of these bikes. I swear if I have £675+ I would go and buy one right now! However I don't, so I am going to spruce up my old gem!

BEG Bicycles is a fabulous site which specialises in all vintage-esque bicycles and accessories! It is a lovely site which has some gorgeous bikes with names like Betty and Bella, you cannot go wrong! I really would like a Betty bike, ho hum. I am going to go look at ways of sprucing up my old bicycle, ahhh the life of a penniless student! xx

(All images and pricing information from the BEG Bicycle website)

Saturday, July 09, 2011

My life.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

I love taking photos and I love looking through them months later. Here is my life from my phone in the last 6 months, I'm going to try and do this every 6 months :) xx

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Thursday, July 07, 2011

New Love!

I love this song by Bastille, it's called Laura Palmer. I think this is the video made by the band, however I'm not sure! Anyway the stills are beautiful and the song seems to work with the stills. xx

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The last couple of weeks...

...have been awesome. The weather has been lovely, bar the humidity and subsequent storms, and my friends and I have definitely made the most of it! We have had at least 3 BBQ's as well as various meet ups and fun!
I found a new iPhone app named photo mess which allows me to make a montage, as such, with loads of my photos so here is a little insight into why I have been such a rubbish blogger.

Clockwise from top left:
Adam & Steve being men with the BBQ, my own homemade chicken noodle soup which is delish and I plan on creating a post about it soon! Adam in his new Barclays uniform which is a lovely aqua colour. My cocktail/pasty bunch girls and I! My garlic plant, which is coming along nicely; still not as good as my chilli pepper and strawberry however! And lastly, the aforementioned cocktails which were lovely and yummy! Lovely times :) how has everyone else been spending their time during the nice weather? xx

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I want this ring so badly, it's actually so odd and interesting. However I have no idea where it's from and I cannot manage to find a source so if anyone knows please tell me!

Hope everyone has been enjoying the nice weather :) xx

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can you still feel the butterflies?

If anyone follows me on twitter then you'll know that I have just returned from London!
Adam and I went down there to see one of my all time favourite bands, Jimmy Eat World. I have always loved them and when they announced they would be playing two albums in full I was mightily excited! Intially I thought we had missed out on the chance to see them however Adam suprised me with two tickets :)

 (The view from our hotel in Wembley; a stones throw away from the stadium. Photos from the gig. Adam and I being us :) haha.)

I do like London, however I could never live there with all the hectic hustle and bustle. As I am originally from a small close-knit mining village I feel that Newcastle is big enough for me; well for now anyway. I generally take loads of photos but due to the first day of summer, which turned out to be the wettest day I have encountered in a long time, I wasn't able to take many photos in fear of destroying my phone or camera! I would like to go back soon though. xx

Here's a video to set y'all on your way! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Suki Tea.

Today my Mum and I went into Newcastle for a bit of a look around and we popped into Esquires and now I have a new love. They have this delightful tea brand called Suki Tea and my gosh its actually delicious. I don't like earl grey or 'normal' tea however I do like herbal tea and today I have discovered one of the best teas around and something that I NEED to invest in, right away. Suki Tea is all fairtrade and comes in a huge selection such as green tea, peppermint, red berry and my favourite 'apple loves mint' and loads more, yummy!

The little teapot has a special insert that allows the loose tea to be placed and the little board is standard for Suki Tea. I actually love this concept and I am saving up so I can get my own set.

 I need a Suki teapot in my life with some 'apple loves mint' loose tea. If you're interested in Suki Tea, CLICK HERE! xx

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Busy Bee.

I have just got back from Download and now I'm getting ready to jet off to London! I'm sorry I haven't been around but y'know busy, busy bee! While at Download I saw so many differenty styles of Dr. Martens and it reminded me of why I love them so much! I used to own a couple of pairs (which my Mum has stolen now; yeah she's actually majorlly cool like that) and I miss them! Maybe not the perfect summer boot but I do feel like I will get some new ones soon! Here is a selection of some of my favourites which are out at the minute! x

Dr Martens

Also at the minute the site has 15% off all styles! Go grab 'em x

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Treats!

Why is it the day after bank holiday weekend its sunny?!
As you'll know I'm from Newcastle and the weather has been awful at the moment, its rain and windy alllll  of the time and its hugely annoying! However today the weather has started to cheer up a little today which is nice and filling me a little with hope for the upcoming summer.


(Umbrella:Raindrops. Leather jacket: Rick Owens. Lilac dress: Mdcloth. Rayban style sunglasses: H&M. Biker wellies: All Saints.)

I love the mix of girly with the hard lines of leather jackets, hopefully this summer I will conquer this look! :)
I included an umbrella because, well we're in Britain of course it'll rain this summer! xx

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

...however if Adam decides to let me have his new pocket watch I doubt I will ever be late again!
I mean seriously, how beautiful is this watch?! I neeeeed it! I hope Adam will let me share it at the very least!
Its so cute that it even has to be wound for it to work! No more batteries to be bought!
Ahhhh, Adam, you beautiful thing, when you read this please let me at least share this watch! xx

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Guest Post: Emily & the Royal Wedding.

I watched the Royal Wedding like millions of other people and yes I was caught up in the romance and festivity of the occasion. I daydreamed about finding my own Prince Charming and a grand state-wedding but when the Royal Rolls-Royce rolled up, all that daydreaming was instantly whisked away and my mind focused on one intense thought.

What is she wearing?

Not a snide, OMG! What is she wearing?! But one of pure interest, anticipated jealousy and curiosity.

It seems silly now, looking back on the Medias nearly hysterical obsession with the ‘Royal Fashion Parade’. After all, the occasion is for the bride and groom to enjoy, do we have the right to analyse and speculate over every item of clothing they’re wearing. What designer is it, how does this reflect on Lady Diana, who is she emulating, what implications does this have for the High-Street (and where can I get something similar). The first copycat-dress was produced 24hours by a boutique Wedding Dress makers in Scotland, and more of varying budgets and qualities are sure to follow. Aren’t we devaluing the couple’s day when we look down our noses and sneer when we don’t agree with what Princess Anne is wearing or that Lemon isn’t a suitable colour for the Queen? We all think the Royal’s live a very-privileged life, which of course they do, but this is also their curse, they don’t have the same freedom that everyone else enjoys. Every action must be planned and every spoken sentence thought about and apparently, whatever whims of style they want to enjoy, they must endure the criticism of people who don’t agree, but these opinions are bandied out to millions of people via highly-influential people.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t self-analyse Kate’s (sorry Catherine’s) dress, even her engagement dress and the following race to get it into the retailers. Yes, I did raise an eyebrow at some extravagant outfits and gossip about it with my family and friends. I guess there’s some hypocrisy there but hey, I’m only human.

Whether it’s right or not, we all indulge in it but we should step-back and take a look at ourselves sometimes, if Her Grace chooses to wear such-and-such because she likes it, good for her I say and everyone else can be damned.
Another thing, I would just like to include a little plug! You'll be able to find all the celebrities fashion replica's as well as all the big and independent brands at ShopAlike

This post was written by Emily Patterson at Webzone1

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunctime Love.

As I am on placement at the moment I find that I am taking a packlunch in everyday. I am one of those people that hate packlunches and I love the allure of fancy food, mostly fatty food, and how much I would like it instead of my bland sandwiches!
However, I have found that since my newest purchase (oh, eBay how I love you) lunchtimes have become slightly more exciting.
Meet my burger lunchbox!

It's based on a Bento box so has many compartments in which I can have little delights of many foods. Currently I have been having salad in the top compartment with something more hearty in the main, bottom compartment. Lately it has either been rice and ham, like the photos, or noodles with some lovely concoction.

As I have posted earlier I now have bamboo steamers so I feel that I can totally explore some delicious pathways in which I can totally enjoy lunchbox lunches. I feel that I may try steamed salmon with ginger and chilli. How exciting! What do you have in your lunchbox? xx

Also, coming tomorrow I have a guest blog from the lovely Emily who is from A.N.D.R.E.I design as well as Emily's fashion blog. She has some lovely posts and I am excited to be posting her wedding post here tomorrow! So I guess this is me saying, I am now open to Guest Posts! :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Cupcake Heaven

A couple of posts ago I had banged around the idea of making cupcakes. Alas this has not happened yet but I do hope it will...this weekend hopefully! I have been lusting over photos of cupcakes (again on Pinterest) and my mind is flying all over the place thinking 'oh I could do that, bang tidy'. I don't feel like I will have much talent at first but I am going to perfect this art as they look so delicious!

Don't they look absolutely gorgeous! NOMMMM :) xx

Thursday, May 19, 2011

How to Make a House a Home.

I've recently been invited to Pinterest (I have some extra invites if some people are interested) and I love how many beautiful photos I look at on a daily basis. One area I seem to be focusing on more so would be the home photos which look so comfortable. Ahhhh, if only I could afford to do this!

Also the fact that I spend most of my time in my bedroom so its more like a living room/bedroom I find I am unable to have an all white bedset as I tend to be messy! Ahhh, I cannot wait to get my own home so I can maybe have a white bedroom! xx

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know I said...

BRB, but I didn't mean for this amount of time! I am so sorry for being absent for so long.
However I do have a very good reason behind it! Adam and I had food poisoning from undercooked chicken, which resulted in both of us being laid up in bed for just under a week! On top of this I have now started my second and final placement of my first year, so again that has been incredibly hectic.

However the few days in which I have felt okay, I have made the most of it!

 Lemonade at the Tyneside with my Mum :)
Chinese Bamboo steamer with noodles before and after, with some steamed mange toit, they were actually delicious! Really enjoyed it. I hope to make some lovely, sweer goodies this weekend and if I do, I promise to keep you informed! Hope you are all well xx

Friday, April 29, 2011

BRB, off to the after party.

No matter whether you are interested or not you will have heard about, and or seen, parts of the Royal Wedding. I'm not entirely sure whether I believe in marriage, scrooge I know, however it is still lovely to see a wedding, especially a Royal one at that.

This is what I am wearing (if only) to the after party. What I would do to be a fly on the wall at this party! Anyway hope everyone is enjoying their extra bank holiday! xx