Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Brollies.

It appears that summer has left the UK and that we have now been plunged into an early Autumn/Winter in terms of weather. I don't mind colder weather but I absolutely detest rain, I find it utterly annoying. Currently it is constantly raining and I feel like a drowned rat on a daily basis, which is tremendous fun. I am lucky enough though to have a lovely summer umbrella in which I feel everyone should have.

 My mum gave me this Monet umbrella which is lovely, she has one aswell but a different design, and I love it. People always look at it because its so lovely and I feel it slightly cheers me up in this weather.
So here are some other lovely umbrellas which are available at the minute, they are all from Brollies Galore.

I am off into the rain soon to meet Adam from work and go to the cinema to see Bridesmaids which I hear is hilarious, which I hope it is! I will be sure to take my Monet umbrella in the hope it can cheer me up!

However, this morning (when the weather was less worse) I decided to walk to Shields Road to have a look at the charity shops and I can tell you I was not impressed with the weather even when I had my trusty brolly!

 (Brolly, Monet. Top, G21, Scarf H&M. Face, not impressed)

Hope everyone is having fun and keeping dry! xx


  1. I love those umbrellas, the Starry Night Umbrella is gorgeous

  2. Great face! I just put a link to your blog on my fb page (!/pages/Lady-Cherry/152629298102754)
    :)) x

  3. Yes the starry night one is gorgeous, Rach :)

    Ahh wow thank you! I love your blog and photos, I'm really chuffed you like my blog so :) xx


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