Thursday, April 29, 2010



Monday, April 26, 2010

Too Tall?

I sometimes feel I am way tooooo tall for my own good.
I tower above the majority of my friends and complain about the many pairs of high heels that I own that I 'can't' wear.
When I was younger I would whinge to my Mother about the fact that I was too tall and every year when I blew out the candles on my birthday cake I would be wishing to stop growing, maybe shrink a little bit if possible.

I'm not saying I am the tallest out of the girls that I know, far from it.
But it does not help that I feel I NEED to wear flats 24/7

Sooooo today I am rebelling!

I am around 5'7/8 and from today (well tomorrow as I'm staying in tonight) I am going to start to wear even the tiniest of heels!
Oh yes, it has begun. I am going to enlist all the tall girls that I know and make sure that they know tall can be awesome as well as being classically 'small and petite'.
Because comeee onnn! All the models are tall.
[The photo of the shoes are from Office and I stopped myself from buying them because I was paranoid about height, welllllll they're in the sale now.....may get them!]

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fashion Police

Can you tell I am avoiding work more than anything, EVER?!
Last post though me thinks as it does need to be done. No more distractions
I just wanted to share the love of my new sunnies
After months of driving around with my glasses and a pair of sunglasses over the top I thought it may be safe and practical to finally buy a pair of prescription glasses.
So here are my new beautiful Police Sunglasses.

Birfday Activities!

So as I've said before I have been to Glasgow to see AFI play, which was part of a birfday present to myself and then last night I had my delayed night out!

Montage's say it best.

Failing to do any work.

retty much all my deadlines for nearly all my units are in for this week
yet I am completely unmotivated and have put them the back burner as to speak.
So instead of completing the massive work load I have acquired I decided to do my room out :)

In the long run, a pretty room will make me happier than knowing self-esteem does affect attraction as well as the distrubution of ASBOs throughout the country!

I've always loved decoupage and as ofc the Mother is the greatest hoarder known to man I knew she would be able to supply me with the love of the cut outs.
So look at my prettyness!

Clockwise from Top Left
Dressing Table, Dressing Table Drawers, Bedside Cabinet Front, Bedside Cabinet Top.


I suppose I better go finish the work now, humf.

Lusting Over...

These absolute beauts!

They are a mere £250......when I say mere, I lie.

Beautiful Carvela Ankle Boots
You will be mine.

UPDATE- I've just found out these boots went into a national sale and it appears they have all gone :( everyone owns a pair apart from me . Woe is me. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bumble Bee.

I've had butt loads of things going on recently and have found a bunch of things going on around me
including my 21st birthday which was AMAZING!

I was spoilt rotton, damn right, and I had a wonderful day all around.
Some of the things I recieved would be:

  • Happy Noodle iPod case
  • Dressmakers dummy (with homemade shorts on lol)
  • Paperchase notebook
  • Magnolia necklace and matching earrings
  • Original artwork
  • Gilmore Girls DVDs
  • The Big Bang Theory DVD
  • Swallow scarf
  •  A bunch of books
  • Some lovely Lush product
  • Bedside cabinet...   loads moreee. I was spoilt and I appreciate it ALLL soo much :D


Plug Post

I was in Durham a few Saturdays ago and I came across this stall which featured in beautiful designed hoodies and t-shirts!
So this is basically a post to plug them and to flaunt off my new gearrrrr!

      All beautiful items of clothing are from:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...and AFI= 'OSSUM!

Me and my friend also went to see them play in Newcastle as well
because well, we're just that hardcore lulz.
Not as hardcore as some other people we know, but I'm gonna go all out and make this my claim to fame.
Sooooooo instead of me rambling on about how epic it was and how much fun I had, here are some photos. :D
I'm gonna go ahead and say I took farrrrr too many photos of Davey, lead, singer, I mean who can blame me right?!

generally my photography skills are about as good as a gorilla trying to fly but this time my skillz are flyyyyy.
 Oh yes, I went there.
Oh yes, even I am ashamed of myself right for saying that comment.

 Final Note...
It's my birthday innnnnnn 5 days oh what fun!
The big ol' 21
over the hill
better get the zimmaframe outttt.
But I've decided I'm gonna be over the hill and have fun!
I may go with a teddy bear's picnic after visiting this amazin' toy store in Glasgow. Hmm, I wonder...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cheap Cheap.

Soooooooo it's my birthday v.v.soon and an Aunty sent up a cheque for £45 which made me happy happy!

As I am poooooor and I am a girl I find it impossible not to want to spend it on clothes or something that fits into that category so thats what I did.
As the money she sent up is the only money I can actually claim to be my own I had to spend wisely and well, it's me. I feel I am an expert shopper and I can sniff out bargains from a mile away.
As many people will know either charity or vintage shops are the cheapest around and good bargains can be found so that is where I went, in addition to ofc, Primark and Select.
Bow down to the skillllllz.

 These are the best bargains I came across.
(L-R) Red Laura Ashley Duffle Coat/Jacket, Vintage Now- £10.00
 Betty Barclay Silk Bomber Jacket, Vintage Now- £9.00
French Connection Bow Tie Top, Age Concern- £5.00

 (L-R) Silver Brogues that make me want to dance, Primark- £8.00
Navy Linen Shorts, Primark- £7.00
Tan Moccasins (near-exact same pair in Topshop for £40), Select- £5.00


Now that is what I call a good days shopping, Cheap Cheap.

Monday, April 05, 2010

You Knows It!

I pretend to be doing work when really I'm skimming the internet to find new goodies and good ideas. I always manage to find girls who have a lot of money and the ability to be able to wear whatever they want and get away with it. Damnnnn youuuuu! :)

Well I have decided to be the normal one, the one who isn't made of money but is made of ideas.

I don't believe in fashion as such,
I believe in clothes that look good and make you feel good :)


Ohhhhhhhhh P.S I have two arms, for some reason I only look like I have one.

Mend and Make Do.

I used to always make my own garments
just because really,
and then I stopped. I don't have a valid reason in why I stopped maybe just growing up or lack of time.

Anywhooooooo, this is about to change! 
I have been collecting clothing patterns for a few months now and have just bought some beautiful material 
so let the making commence!

Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring into Action

Everyone is saying how Spring is officially here and all that jazzz
I somewhat agree, as the sun does come out slightly more but I gotta' say the temperature is pretty much the same, or so little a difference that it has not affected me at all!

I have decided to chuck my skinnies out, as I have worn them FAR too much over the winter and it's time that I embrace the good ol' British chilly charm.
Soooo, as my skinnies now sit in the chuck-out bag (aka Download fest bag, doesn't matter if they get ruined bag!) I have ventured into skirts again. OH YES, bit chilly but a good chilly. Apart from cold-bench-piles-bum chilly. I'm afraid thick black tights, thickish skirt and long sleeved top is about as Spring as I'm about to get atm.


I need to get myself into gearrrrrrr!
I haven't been on here for-like-ever not even to look at other blogs. 
I'm officially boringgggggg :)

I got my notebook, its a beautiful Toshiba called Trevor.
Verrrrrrrryyyyyy happy as it was freeee :D winnnnn.

He is immense and my new favourite thing bar the train tickets for Glasgow which came in the post for yesterdayyyyyyyyyy :D:D