Sunday, April 25, 2010

Failing to do any work.

retty much all my deadlines for nearly all my units are in for this week
yet I am completely unmotivated and have put them the back burner as to speak.
So instead of completing the massive work load I have acquired I decided to do my room out :)

In the long run, a pretty room will make me happier than knowing self-esteem does affect attraction as well as the distrubution of ASBOs throughout the country!

I've always loved decoupage and as ofc the Mother is the greatest hoarder known to man I knew she would be able to supply me with the love of the cut outs.
So look at my prettyness!

Clockwise from Top Left
Dressing Table, Dressing Table Drawers, Bedside Cabinet Front, Bedside Cabinet Top.


I suppose I better go finish the work now, humf.

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