Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Cheap Cheap.

Soooooooo it's my birthday v.v.soon and an Aunty sent up a cheque for £45 which made me happy happy!

As I am poooooor and I am a girl I find it impossible not to want to spend it on clothes or something that fits into that category so thats what I did.
As the money she sent up is the only money I can actually claim to be my own I had to spend wisely and well, it's me. I feel I am an expert shopper and I can sniff out bargains from a mile away.
As many people will know either charity or vintage shops are the cheapest around and good bargains can be found so that is where I went, in addition to ofc, Primark and Select.
Bow down to the skillllllz.

 These are the best bargains I came across.
(L-R) Red Laura Ashley Duffle Coat/Jacket, Vintage Now- £10.00
 Betty Barclay Silk Bomber Jacket, Vintage Now- £9.00
French Connection Bow Tie Top, Age Concern- £5.00

 (L-R) Silver Brogues that make me want to dance, Primark- £8.00
Navy Linen Shorts, Primark- £7.00
Tan Moccasins (near-exact same pair in Topshop for £40), Select- £5.00


Now that is what I call a good days shopping, Cheap Cheap.

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