Tuesday, April 13, 2010


...and AFI= 'OSSUM!

Me and my friend also went to see them play in Newcastle as well
because well, we're just that hardcore lulz.
Not as hardcore as some other people we know, but I'm gonna go all out and make this my claim to fame.
Sooooooo instead of me rambling on about how epic it was and how much fun I had, here are some photos. :D
I'm gonna go ahead and say I took farrrrr too many photos of Davey, lead, singer, I mean who can blame me right?!

generally my photography skills are about as good as a gorilla trying to fly but this time my skillz are flyyyyy.
 Oh yes, I went there.
Oh yes, even I am ashamed of myself right for saying that comment.

 Final Note...
It's my birthday innnnnnn 5 days oh what fun!
The big ol' 21
over the hill
better get the zimmaframe outttt.
But I've decided I'm gonna be over the hill and have fun!
I may go with a teddy bear's picnic after visiting this amazin' toy store in Glasgow. Hmm, I wonder...

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