Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring into Action

Everyone is saying how Spring is officially here and all that jazzz
I somewhat agree, as the sun does come out slightly more but I gotta' say the temperature is pretty much the same, or so little a difference that it has not affected me at all!

I have decided to chuck my skinnies out, as I have worn them FAR too much over the winter and it's time that I embrace the good ol' British chilly charm.
Soooo, as my skinnies now sit in the chuck-out bag (aka Download fest bag, doesn't matter if they get ruined bag!) I have ventured into skirts again. OH YES, bit chilly but a good chilly. Apart from cold-bench-piles-bum chilly. I'm afraid thick black tights, thickish skirt and long sleeved top is about as Spring as I'm about to get atm.

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